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Office 2007



A theme to complement the new look sported by Office 2007 (well done Microsoft!).

Includes Blue & Black themes, both with two start buttons and shellstyles.

- Install Segoe UI, Cambria and Calibri and turn on ClearType.

Drop Shadows & The Start Menu
- See readme file for more information.

Version History:
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - improved Start menu to avoid issues related to non-fast user switching.
1.2 - fixed: scrollbars, toolwindow buttons, toolbar colour & more :)
*1.3 - Added font selection (now support Tahoma & Verdana), improve MDI close/restore buttons, start button text bug fixed


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Why it won't appear in the list of the visual styles I have. I've patched the Uxtheme.dll, and had coppied it to the right folder, but it won't appear on the list. Other custom visuals works except this one. I have to open the .mstyles file to use it, but if I change the visual style in the settings, the visual style is gone. Could someone help me?