Nerd Rage on Kotaku?

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By AndyKluthe

Do you ever think, "Hey, life would be better if Nerd Rage was one of the 10 comics featured on Kotaku every Sunday?"

Well then good news, your are only a vote away!

Kotaku's Sunday Comics list is getting a makeover, and all 10 slots are up for grabs.  Nerd Rage is one of the comics in the running, so if you'd like to see it hosted there every week (or you just want to do me a big favor) go vote!

Why are you still reading?  This journal is over!  Go vote!
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Kotaku is dead to me.
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Hey, even if it's dead to you, at least submit a vote. It'd mean a lot.
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Just for you. <3
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It's much appreciated!