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So here's the deal: two of the comics in Kotaku's Sunday Comics are out, and the only fair way to establish the winner is in a Highlander-esque sword fight in Scotland and also maybe an internet poll.

Nerd Rage needs your support, dear readers! Mosey on over to
Kotaku and put in your vote today! There are 17 comics to choose from. I'm not saying one of your votes has to be Nerd Rage...but c'mon, vote for Nerd Rage!

There can only be 10! >beheading noise<
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Do you ever think, "Hey, life would be better if Nerd Rage was one of the 10 comics featured on Kotaku every Sunday?"

Well then good news, your are only a vote away!

Kotaku's Sunday Comics list is getting a makeover, and all 10 slots are up for grabs.  Nerd Rage is one of the comics in the running, so if you'd like to see it hosted there every week (or you just want to do me a big favor) go vote!

Why are you still reading?  This journal is over!  Go vote!
Woo!  Anime St. Louis was a lot of fun, even if sales weren't crazy.  I'm already trying to make plans for my next convention.  In the meantime...I still have a backlog of product.  I also introduced a new print this time around:

The Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device

As mentioned, the previous lot are still in stock.

Cantina CSI
Legends Never Die
Necrozoic: Dead End
Sigmund Droid
Warning: SCIENCE Ahead (Sign version, no texture)
It's Off Like Donkey Kong (with background texture, seen here.)
It's A Trap!
Pokemon B/W Pinup
Dusk: A Zombie Love Story
Axy, the Happiest Seas Monster In The World (sorry, I don't have a larger version of this uploaded at this time)
Don't Cross The Streams

Also available are The Hunter I Adventures comic book.

Message me if you're interested.
Do you like Nerd Rage?  Do you want to live in a world where Nerd Rage is ran weekly by Kotaku in their Sunday Comics section?

Then head over  there and vote!  Your support is appreciated!
NatsuCon went well!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table!

Now that the conventions over, I should let you guys know that my remaining inventory is on sale:…

Contact me if you're interested in buying a comic or print.
I come to DA when I want to post art or look at art, so I always forget about my journal.

Commissions are currently open.  If interested, send me a note.
Noticing a trend here?  I make journals when I have arts stuff on other sites.

My design "It's a trap!" is currently up for voting on Threadless.  So what are you waiting for?

Go give it a five!
In case you haven't heard, Mega Man Legends 3 is finally heading our way...and Capcom is having a contest to design one of the Bonne mecha.  I've designed one, so go take a look!  Give the Drillbohrer your vote!…
...If you guessed anyone besides me, you're wrong.

Anyway, I figure I may as well leap in and start taking commissions!  Yes, you dear reader, you now have the chance make me draw pretty much anything*!  If you're interested, message me and we'll discuss prices.  In the future I may put up a list of base prices so that you can get an idea of how much this'll cost.  Anyway...uh...if anyone actually reads my DA...I hope you see this!

*Artist reserves the right to not draw anything.  I may turn down any piece at my reasoning.  No porn or porn-like situations (yes, I know how Japan has skirted those laws).  Please keep in mind my strengths and weaknesses -- example: I don't paint photo-realistic images, so I don't expect me to be able to do it for you.
Dear journal,
Today I learned an important lesson.  It all started when the cooling broke down at Mr. Swirly's ice cream factory...[ flash back effects ]