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The Hunter I book preview



If you’re standing, take a seat. If you’re already seated, find another smaller chair and put it beneath the one you’re currently using…‘cause the following news is gonna blow you away!

The Hunter I Adventures is now in print. You’ve read the blog. You’ve followed his very important Facebook status updates! You went on a date with him that one time and never heard back from him again! Now it’s time to read the book!

24 pages of hilarious incredibly-true material – there will be action. There will be romance. There will be dinosaur-dog hybrids on an insane millionaire’s tropical island! (No! I'm not kidding!)

Brought to you by some no-name artist (Andy Kluthe) and written by The Hunter I himself (The same team that brought you The Hunter I’s Field Guide to the World You Don’t Know), this book includes 12 side-splitting adventure-y pages of The Hunter I Adventures, 4 all new pages of The Field Guide, plus ads from our loving sponsors at Junk Co. Products (creators of the Junk Co. Deluxe Chicken Hatchery™ and The Terrible Cardborg™).

What are you waiting for? Order your book today!

The Hunter I Adventures is not available in stores. Or to read on the internet. The Hunter I Adventures is only available for order here! So order one! I command you!

Dictated but not read,
- The Hunter I
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Been waiting so long for you to make a comic!!!