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Pokemon 20th Anniversary - RED

By AndyKluthe
This is part one of three pieces I designed celebrating 20 years of Pokemon, featuring the player's character, Red, and his starter Pokemon Charizard.  The other two are linked below. I'm planning on having prints available at C2E2, so come see me there!

PART 1: Red & Charizard
PART 2: Blue & Blastoise
PART 3: Green & Venusaur

And see more of my art each week on Nerd Rage!
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Now this is pretty dang epic!  Awesome job here!
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Come to Canada! We have donuts and I want prints!
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If there's a show in Canada that wants to fly me up there, I'll gladly visit the homeland of poutine and Tim Hortons!
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I like that he's holding onto his hat here.
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Awesome, very dynamic!
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I'm stuck in remodeling so I've not done my PKMN 20th pieces yet...XD  But I have the whole year. :B

This is very nicely done, I really like all of the colors, composition...  I like the mix of warm and cool, especially.  Was that intentional?  It evokes a sense of "Red and Blue," heh.
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Thank you!  The color choices were something I spent a lot of time thinking about.

I originally went in figuring the theme of each print would correspond with a respective color from the games, so I started off designing a version with this warm, pink sunset. As it turns out, throwing a character who wears red and his big orange Pokemon in front of a mostly warm background didn't give a lot of color contrast (...the same goes for Blastoise and a blue sky or Venusaur and a green backdrop.)

So I changed course and did a blue sky. I still incorporated some of the warm, pink tones into the indirect lighting.
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Are you going to do all the trainers & starters?
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If by all you mean the Kanto trainers and starters, then yes!  Red (with Charizard) and  Blue (with Blastoise) are uploaded.  I'll have Green (with Venusaur) online this weekend.
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Oh cool! Can't wait!
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