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Nerd Rage - Team Cap

By AndyKluthe
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It's the most important decision you'll ever make: are you Team Cap or Team Tony?

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UNlucky0013's avatar
i read it in their voices... oh lord...
BoxxMannDA's avatar
not gonna lie would watch this
Agent-Eckswhy's avatar
Wonder where the Trix Rabbit would fit into this whole thing?
Agorixel's avatar
ThatGuyImortal's avatar
Frosted Flakes for LIFE!
Jonos13's avatar
Team Cap. His cereal is too good.
Even if he is a dirty liar.
Lonesummertime's avatar
Hahhahah ! Awesome work !
bompy1's avatar
ThatGuyImortal's avatar
Team Tony for life
ThatGuyImortal's avatar
TheJame5X's avatar
FakeTsuki's avatar
I agree. TEAM TONY!
sonictastic9's avatar
A-thonX's avatar
i LoLed! No seriously, out loud and everything!
akumath's avatar
I am so on Team Tony right now!
GraphicBrat's avatar
IRON TIGER!! WHOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
GHENGIZZ's avatar
I'm afraid here in the UK, we never had Captain Crunch, but we did still have Tony the Tiger so I at least liked the punchline:)
AndyKluthe's avatar
At least the roof of your mouth was safe. Cap has his own set of pros and cons.
toonist27's avatar
This is AWESOME!!! PLEASE do more!!!
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