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Nerd Rage - Small Roadblocks

By AndyKluthe
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Actually, this might be a large roadblock. A really, really large roadblock.

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SkylaComics's avatar
That's a good use for the giant Snorlax. *plots to block off apartment hallway* Mwahah!!
Great work btw. You made the Snorlax look so huggable & adorable :3
togepi1234gaming's avatar
How much you wanna bet there is a digglet plush inside that vent?
Even as a plushie, Snorlax is an inconvenience.

An adorable inconvenience, mind you, but still...
GamedracoArt's avatar
He's using it like a nerd too. Blocking your path.
Ross-Sanger's avatar
I had this same thought when I saw an ad for a seven foot long dragonair pillow thing, but then I realised that's only about half its official length.
Velink's avatar
Quick! use the poke flute plush!
francisjairam121's avatar
Its okay just get a Poke Flute. 
LunaPrincessNinjato's avatar
Now that's using your head
Fire-Mutt's avatar
derpydoor75's avatar
I can't tell if this is genius or stupid

Probably both
AndyKluthe's avatar
Second vote for both!
derpydoor75's avatar
Oh wow you actually gave a fuck about me, a random commenter on your deviation
Lady-Visionary's avatar
If only the plush was real, is it real?! I would so love to buy it, and use it as a bed. Snorlax seems to always look comfortable to lay on to me.
AndyKluthe's avatar
Believe it or's real!

Bandai produced one as an online specialty item in Japan.

While not quite as huge or ridiculous (or expensive) ThinkGeek also made a beanbag chair.
Lady-Visionary's avatar
I know what I'M saving up to buy!
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