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Nerd Rage - Prime Example

By AndyKluthe
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The inner workings of Amazon's shipping warehouse are a true mystery to all.

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AssassinHiru's avatar
to be fair if you mail buble wrap without protection a lot of it would pop
KaizokuShojo's avatar
Conversely, when you get a ton of them and have to dispose of them all.  Pop...pop...pop...pop...pop...pop...
AceMouse's avatar
Lmao! I just freaking died. I work at Amazon and this is my exact job. I HATE that freaking dunnage (the bubble wrap). Our computers prompt us on which size box to use, and I can't tell you how many little items like batteries I've had to put in huge ass boxes, or play freaking tetris to stuff a lot of crap in a little one. It's mostly cause of the time limit our bosses keep constantly reminding us of. Lol to regular customers, I apologize XD
TaintedTruffle's avatar
:3 i like this comment 
danee313's avatar
Lol. I had just ordered a really small single piece of jewelry from Amazon last week. It came in this huuge a$$ envelope! Almost thought they mailed me a empty envelope. -_- *smh*  
Silent-Man-Cometh's avatar
I had a experience like that a week ago.
MandarTheMousey's avatar
Ordered a car part thingy, and the bolts needed to install it. I received a HUGE box (bigger than my bed) and all it contained was a tiny pack of bolts. Amazon truly is a mysterious thing indeed.
TheAwesomeChannelEX's avatar
Funny Comic You Got There!
CassidyPeterson's avatar
My brain immediately followed your comment with "be a shame if something... HAPPENED to it..."
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