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Nerd Rage - Chemistry 101

By AndyKluthe
Nerd Rage
A web comic about nerds raging over nerdy things!

THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Chemistry 101
This week we’re covering some very basic chemistry.

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SuperNeonMonkey's avatar
Hey i liked this comic so much i had to do an animation based on it hope you can check it out
TfStuff's avatar
What the fuck i love it!
Deadaccountuwu's avatar
I have a terrible sense of humor
im so very disturbed yet
i laughed out loud
spiderhog500's avatar
Juki7's avatar
This haunts my dreams.
l3rainy's avatar
I know it's supposed to be funny because Breaking Bad and all, but I can't help but feel like crying over tiny newborn PPG rotting in the desert. 
TheCatWafflez's avatar
kazraia's avatar
Thats classic! Brilliant
i don't get it. Confused 
DoodlebugQT's avatar
You're not the only one that totally went over my head.
Retro-Eternity's avatar
It's cuz neither of you have watched a little gem of a show called Breaking Bad.
Zunachina's avatar
LOL also Ben 10 Rust Bucket
thetf2magian's avatar
They look strangely cute
Sidious06's avatar
Calvin and Hobbes anyone?
britkit10's avatar
kafel88's avatar
that awesome lol ;]
Andyman753's avatar
if only jesse was the professor
mrspiderdoom1623's avatar
this pretty much a "what if Chemical X didn't give PPG their powers". Nice comic. :laughing:
sagederp's avatar
BREAKING BAD? MR WHITE??? :icongaspfaceplz:

yep. :icontruestoryplz:
thierryclan14's avatar
LoL for Breaking Bad mixed up.
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