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My People Are Dying, Woody!

EDIT: Never before have I been accused of plagiarism so many times over a comic...nor have I ever been accused of stealing from myself!

I drew this comic. Yes, there is another version you may have seen. Someone who liked the joke remade it in the Toy Story comic creator (they didn't redraw the dialogue wheel either, so you'll notice it's copied and pasted from the MSpaint comic). Now that version is all over the internet.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Nerd Rage
A web comic about nerds raging over nerdy things.

THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: My People Are Dying, Woody
Rex confronts Woody over a pressing issue. How will the hero respond?

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Rex calm down.
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You are a toy. That would be my answer. Unless there are being ripped apart than that's a different story. Keep up the great work artist.
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Loving your comic, dude. The backstory to this comic is pretty infuriating, though. Always sucks to have yer work not only stolen, but to then have THAT blow up and you get next to no love for it. Kotaku's inclusion of your information also seemed pretty condescending to you in my opinion, which was unnecessary. Still, lovin yer work! I'll be watchin!
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Thank you! I didn't consider the original copy theft (maybe I should have, haha) so much as it was someone who liking it so much they wanted to re-make it. For me, it's obvious it was made in one of those 'comic creators' in a thread on that one imageboard; it's just disappointing when people mistake the offshoot as the original. I didn't think the Kotaku article was condescending, and I much appreciated their pompt reply/fix, but considering my work was copied it would have been nice to be more than an edit at the bottom of the article.
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I've seen a comic like this before....still just as funny though. X)
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Yes, because I originally drew this as an MSpaint comic. There's another version floating around that someone else made in the Toy Story comic creator that used the dialog from the MSpaint comic.
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Oh cool! The pic I saw never had a signature/name on it. Good to finally be able to complement your work! :)
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Though the joke is recycled, it never quite gets old. I also love the style. :dummy:
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I know you don't understand this, but that comic is a rip off of an MSpaint comic. A comic I drew. Please read the whole article you linked from. I'm even mentioned by name. :)

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This is amazing. That is all I can say.
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Come on now dude [link]
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You might consider who drew that :)
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I can't tell if that's a genuine rebuttal...? But I am the original artist of the MSpaint comic.

Also this.
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I cant hear you over the sound of a million dicks entering your mouth
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Renegade Woody. Something I'd like to see.
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