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MML3 Mecha Drillbohrer

By AndyKluthe
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EDIT: Due to a problem with the voting system on Capcom Unity voting is currently closed. I will update this again when voting reopens.

In case you haven't heard, Capcom is running a contest for Mega Man Legends 3. The idea is to create a Bonne family mecha as described here.

Painted/drawn in Photoshop.
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Awesome mech. It looks like the Bonnes would probably use it to try and dig into the side of a ruin, much like they attempted to do with the Marlwolf Mech in Legends 1.
I suppose those blue orbs on the side would be the weak points, am I right? If I'm not, my second guess is that the Skull Emblem is the weak spot.
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I actually wrote out how the battle would work on the DevRoom forums back when this was still relevant. There's some extra pictures of its shuttle mode and sketches of different attacks and animations. You can see it all <a href-"[link]">here.
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Wait, are the Bonnes still villains in 3? Cause at the end of 2...
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Not much I can say but that its awesome. ^^

However, how does one vote?
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I'm sorry, voting was locked at the time you replied due to a glitch in the voting system.
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Thanks, voted 5 stars.

I really hope it wins! ^^
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in my opinion this is´t a mecha is very short.
en mi opinion esto no es un mecha, es muy pequeño.
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Sorry, I guess I missed the "You must be this tall to be a mecha" sign? :P
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