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Cantina C.S.I.

By AndyKluthe
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It's come to my attention that I never actually uploaded this image to DA. While I've sat on this line art for a while, I colored it right before NatsuCon.

Remaining inventory on 11x16 prints are still available. Contact me if interested.
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topher147Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool, I'm sure there is a new Star Wars Story to be told so Disney can make more money from this!
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Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
Awesome and now I'm waiting for D.B. Russell to make an entranceB-)
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star c.s.i XD
The-WiseFool's avatar
lol funny and amazing concept
rebelrecon's avatar
just beyond awesome!
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One of the stormies needs a visor that can flip down, like Horatio's sunglasses.

"Well it looks like Han... shot first."
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Poul-TisbeyProfessional Filmographer
This can only be described as genius
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zombieaterProfessional Traditional Artist
The datails are great, the jawa trying to sneak in, the kid picturoe in the wallet...
This very good and funny!
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StephenRSpiteriStudent Digital Artist
Looks like.. *shades* Han did shoot first. YEEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
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stephenaxlscottHobbyist Digital Artist
"Poor guy. If only he had a chance to shoot first" **Queue The Who & Opening Credits**
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Alright boys, what do we have here?
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I love how you put the police tape across the doorway.
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shemightbedaniHobbyist Traditional Artist
The Stormtrooper with the plastic baggy, lol!!
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Lightwolf96Hobbyist General Artist
OMG!!!!!!! Jawa´s eat arms !!!!!! jeje he´s probably gonna sell it! :)
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lolistickStudent Traditional Artist
This isnt the murder weapon we're looking for
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Rodney2x4Student General Artist
All we need now is one of the storm troopers say a catch-frase... sort of like the guy from csi miami.
Gid-e-oN's avatar
Simply fantastic. :D

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PadawanLineaProfessional Digital Artist
THIS IS AWESOME! What a great crossover idea!
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swfan444Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome! :D And kudos for the Aurebesh police tape! "Police line. Do not cross." Brilliant!
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Brillant. Just brillant. I have to fav this.
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Dammit, man, stop making me want to write a stormtrooper police procedural.
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I've actually always thought some fun things could be done with something like that.
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Yeah, I mean look at how many stormtroopers the Empire would have to employ. They can't ALL be "it's them! blast 'em!" idjits. Some of them would have college educations, some of them probably came from smaller planetary peacekeeping and defense corps, and some would be the equivalent of MPs. What about a stormtrooper corps whose job was to root out corruption in the upper ranks of

I'm gonna stop RIGHT there.
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NirdasStudent General Artist
nice idea! but do you really think they care bout the happenings on tatoine? :D
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