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Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device

By AndyKluthe
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The Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device brings portal technology to your own home in this glowing review from the April 1954 issue of Mentionable Science Monthly.

The review was literally glowing, by the way. Radiation exposure from newly-tested product required printed copies to be recalled by the publisher and drove them out of business.
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avenger09Hobbyist General Artist
"Cave Johnson here. Look I've been thinking about it and yes, the Quantum Tunnelling device still needs work. Tried wearing one too see what all the fuss was about, and I couldn't even get out the door. *Oh, Which reminds me, I'm cancelling all door size renovations just so you know.) Back on topic, we're currently looking into alternative energy sources so as to make the device more portable, so if anyone has any ideas don't be afraid to speak up. Especially if that idea is cheaper than plutonium. I gotta say with all those nuclear tests the government does, you'd think it be a bit less costly, but there you go. Cave Johnson out." 
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that was beautiful XD
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LehWiseguyStudent General Artist
"If it's not aperture, it's not science!"
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iWantcoalHobbyist Digital Artist
Although it is hard to look sexy with that monster on you XD
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Wait... Wasn't this first version of the portal gun made in 1957? Why is this from the 1954?
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It's been, like, two years since I drew this but I'm pretty sure I picked the date to coincide with the period that Aperture started winning a bunch of second place trophies to Black Mesa.  Hence why their science is only "mentionable".
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I have a question of some import: Is the Blue Pudding Substitute a food substitute which takes the form of a blue pudding, or is it a substitute for blue pudding, the well-loved but fattening treat enjoyed in Midwestern homesteads since the Pioneer Days?
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Uh, it's actually lifted from Portal 2's dialog, with the backstory behind the blue gel (repulsion gel) being originally designed as a dietetic pudding substitute. So I would assume it's a food substitute in the form of blue pudding.

Then again, they were apparently founded in Michigan, so I suppose anything is possible. With science.
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raintalker General Artist
This is pure WIN! :'D <3
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LaggyCreationsStudent Digital Artist
This is such a fantastic piece, and so well done. Beautiful work.
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Epic win... :omg:
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White-In-BlackHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh! Amazing job! Incredible :la:
-If it's not Aperture it's not Science!- ...xD
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epic true! it was in the walls of apreture isnt it? (sorry my englsih)
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DeviouslyMooHobbyist Digital Artist

that's so cool!!!!
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I couldn'r read any of that dialogue without hearing the voice of Cave Jhonson in my head.
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NumbatAtHeartStudent Artist
same here XD
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SethPDAHobbyist Digital Artist
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shenanitoonsProfessional Interface Designer
Love the oldie style
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EskiFoxHobbyist General Artist
lol cool! i really like portal and the way theyre science dates back to the 50's
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OhSadfaceProfessional Digital Artist
Pffttt. Old news. Jk this is still fab. Cute, creative and well done as usual.
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