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Dusk Kiss

An illo from Dancer's In The Dusk, Changeling supplement from White Wolf CCP North America. (C) White Wolf 2009

(Edit - I had critique on for this image, but as it was a commission and is now in print, I think it more appropriate to disable that function...)
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beautiful kiss
Katorii's avatar
The frog looks like a pug! :D

You have some great talent here, keep up the good work. :)
AndyHep's avatar
Not the first person to have mentioned that :)

Thanks for looking!
pjmagalhaes's avatar
Love the characters and the pose. I too thought it was a cross between a pug and a frog but that's why i liked it myself.
scribbler's avatar
Great work! Would you consider joining the painted-ladies group and adding your work there?

NekoMel's avatar
I adore your work in the Changeling books. Just amazing!
Crazylegs76's avatar
Awesome!! luv the greyscale in the light and darks how did you do this
was this photoshop or traditional
AndyHep's avatar
A bit of both, Crazylegs
Crazylegs76's avatar
very well done indeed=D
emmav's avatar
Beautiful as ever....:)
AndyHep's avatar
Waaa! Late reply... Thanks Emma - one of my more successful recent pics (IMO) :)
systemprophet's avatar
Lets hope he is a prince ;) Awesome tho, I really like her stance :D
GAVade's avatar
Very good I really like the mushroom backdrop. Always enjoy your pencil lines showing through the art :)
AndyHep's avatar
Cheers Gavade! Seems like a popular one, this :)
Tommi-75's avatar
Wow- really bold use of the negative space man!
And you can't go wrong with fishnets either, but the piece de resistance has gotta be froggy=D (is he really trying to get the tongue in on the first kiss?)
Nah there really is a wonderful tension between the two. Well done.
AndyHep's avatar
heh, actually its me using full page space for a half page illo - there's text to go in the upper half, basically, but I wanted to bleed it up out of the half page box, and the AD was happy with that. It was fun to do this one, although I intended for it to be a touch less cartoony.
emikochan13's avatar
Ahhh i'm a huge changeling fan, this is amazing ^^
AndyHep's avatar
Thanks Tim! One of my recent favourites. I'd love to play the new Changeling sometime, but just don't have the chance nowadays :(
ArtbyBeans's avatar
My first thought was "OOooo!" the blank area is just screaming for a frame! cool idea. You did an exceptional job on the shading and the crisp lines are awesome too. I'm gonna have to fave this one. I'd really like to see a photo of it if you ever put a frame on it.
AndyHep's avatar
You know I very rarely put up my own work (says the guy with 5 of his own pictures in his livingroom - ok, ok, they're old oils and me slopping paint around messily...) but this one might make it into a frame someday. In a way its a little shameful, and it goes for most artists I know, but once done most of our work sits in a drawer or on a hard drive, gathering dust.
ArtbyBeans's avatar
As does mine. By no means am I knocking your other works, but this one really caught my eye. I see a frame that is very ornate...but that's just me, I think the style and the quality of your design merits some showing it off a bit. Hope you post it if you frame it.
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Hah, cute! I wonder, is he going to turn into a prince? ;) As charming as the frog is, my favorite part is definitely the background. I love the rendering of the mushrooms and skulls, and how the bottoms of the latter fade into shadow. Awesome stuff! :D
AndyHep's avatar
Was really concentrating on values in this one, and still think I could have pushed that envelope. But we're our worst critics, eh? Cheers!
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Hehe, yes. And we always have suh high expectations. ;P
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