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Ok wow... haven't updated this group since like.... January 2011^^;

K, so here's the dealio peeps. Clau and I have thought things over for the past few weeks, and since neither of us are really associating Andy or his new twin sister to the DP fandom anymore, we were thinking of opening another group for him and closing this one. I mean, I will open that group first and make requests for all your beautiful drawings (which are all still in my faves, thankies!) I just feel that, since Andy's become an Original Character now in the Imagination Jumpstart series Mel and I started, Clau figured that we would create a group for Andy and Phoebe as OCs, not DP characters.

So, you guys can join it if I decide to put it up or you don't need to. I just figured that I really still wanted a group for Andy, but since I'm no longer in the mood to draw him as a DP character, an OC group would be better. Besides... it'll motivate me to draw my little sweetie more often, never mind his new Twin sis Phoebs.

So... Tell me what you think.

Thanks for the support and sticking around the group, even though it's been pretty dead for the past year and a half, hehe!

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DP: Return of the Hero Chp 18
The next day arrived with more than just the purple sky outside the ghost shield. Like the day before, the power was still flickering on and off, yet did it more frequently, and even more people had decided to venture outdoors to see what was happening.
Jazz was the first to get up. She got dressed in her usual daily attire, even though she felt that this day would not be any normal day. She brushed her hair while humming, trying to forget what events may happen on that fateful day.
Once ready, she left her room and went downstairs while putting her headband into her hair. She was just about to turn to go into the kitchen when she noticed that her brother and his two best friends were sitting on the couch, sleeping soundly. Tucker and Sam were stretched out at both ends of the couch, while Danny was sitting in the center, half of his body already partway off of the couch. Tucker and Sam had their heads leaning against Danny's. Danny had his leaning over Sam's, while one of his arms was
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 76 21
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems ch28
Danny flew up several thousand feet into the air and only came to a stop when he knew that he was at a safe distance from Amity Park. High in the clouds, now glowing weakly in the rays of the ever rising sun, the ghost floated silently, taking in the beauty for only a few seconds. He looked down over the city, still clearly able to hear their shouts of fear, and scanned the area for his enemy.
A black glint caught his attention. He smiled cleverly. "There you are," he said softly.
The black ghost grew larger and larger, faster and faster. Once near enough, the dragon opened its mouth and roared.
Danny narrowed his eyes before closing them completely, only seconds before the giant jaws slammed down over him like a trap. SNAP!!
Shade smiled, proud of himself for his easy catch; but he was suddenly taken off guard; his stomach began to grow hotter and hotter with every passing second until the pain was nearly unbearable. He shouted painfully, only seconds before his body ex
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 71 39
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems ch16
The shadow ghosts hissed and showed their fangs.
"Tucker, they're gonna come and get the gem!" Sam shouted worriedly.
"They can't break through it!" Tucker reassured her. "There's a ghost shield around the display, so they won't be able to grab the gem until I crack this code—which I can't seem to do!"
Sam groaned and pointed her gun at the ghosts. "Fine!" she said. "Then we'll round these guys up and cover your butt!"
"Make sure your Fenton anti-ghost belt is activated, girls; you're in for one heck of a battle!"
The ghosts roared angrily and charged for them. Sam and Jazz gasped and began to shoot lasers at them, all the while beginning to swing in different directions to miss attacks thrown back.
Tucker continued to unlock the display unit, all the while watching out for lasers and ghost rays. "Come on, you stupid box," he groaned under his breath. "Let me crack you, for Pete's sake." He looked up and gasped, just before ducking and evading an attack. "Whoa! Yo, Sam! I like my
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 70 9
Fenton Tunderstorm Andy by Leneeh Fenton Tunderstorm Andy :iconleneeh:Leneeh 59 71
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems chp9
Although he had been up until nearly three in the morning, Andy was the first one awake in his house. By the break of dawn, he had gotten changed, ate breakfast, and brushed his teeth. When he had gone back up to his room to play with his toys, his mother finally got up and went to take a shower.
Andy was playing out another rescue scene of Danny Phantom when he heard something outside his window. He raised his head while holding a figurine of average kid Danny and Tucker. "Hello?" he said aloud, looking at the window.
When no one replied, he put down his toys and walked on his bed up to the window overlooking it. He peered out and searched the area in silence until something on the roof of a nearby building caught his attention. He gasped softly and looked in that direction, and could have sworn he saw something fade out of view.
A ghost? He wondered.
He continued to stare in that direction when suddenly, two red eyes appeared out of thin air. Although they had no irises, Andy
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 80 34
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems ch30
They stepped through the portal together, hand-in-hand, eyes shut tight.
Sam dared to open hers first and looked around. Shades of green filled the space around them. A trail of dark purple and grey stones lay before them, leading into the Ghost Zone.
"Is it safe to open my eyes?" Tucker muttered.
Sam looked at him and let his hand go. "Yep," she replied. "We're inside the Ghost Zone."
Tucker opened his eyes and stared around in awe. "Wow," he said, his voice echoing a little. "It seems unreal. The last time I was in here, I was eighteen."
"Danny clearly likes me better then," Sam said royally, taking a step forward. "I went in with him five years ago."
Tucker rolled his eyes. "Yeah; because he probably couldn't bear to lose sight of you," he replied. "I just prefer to… stay with… Uh…" The black man made a grimace and waved an arm through the air. "Bah, forget it," he groaned, making Sam laugh. "I'll just shut up before I say something
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 85 75
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems ch12
After a few hours of going over their information with the scientist, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Andy and Dr. Johnson hurriedly gathered their things and rushed back out of the house. They drove Tucker's SUV down to Fenton works, where they sat Jack and Maddie down in the living room and explained what they knew.
Just as the others had been, Maddie was overjoyed to learn that her boy had been found; but after the last piece of information, even her husband was shocked.
"Danny was the one who stole the Spirit Gems???" Jack announced. "But why would he do that if he didn't want to be near them in the first place?"
"That's what I did not understand at first either, Mr. Fenton," Johnson replied. "But I understand his intentions now. Daniel was afraid that his location would be discovered by the ghost who had attacked him, and so when he left for Amity Park the summer he disappeared, he took with him three of the four gems. The first, he hid on the grounds of the school he attended as
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 73 13
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems ch19
Danny led them behind an abandoned building and glued himself against the wall. Tucker, Sam, Andy, Jazz, Jack, Maddie and Johnson followed his action and hid as he did, panting loudly in the progress.
"Danny, you're finally back home!" Jazz exclaimed happily, looking at her brother.
"You don't know how much we've missed you!" Maddie added.
Danny looked at them and grinned. "If it's as bad as I've felt for the past five years, I think I've got a pretty good idea," he replied. He stared out towards the clearing. "Though you guys really could have picked a better time to activate those Spirit Gems." He looked at Tucker and frowned softly. "Cutting it a little close, don't you think?"
"Hey; don't go blamin' it on me, Dude!" Tucker replied. "I'm the one who broke into the museum to get that stupid rock!"
"Aren't heroes supposed to make it in the nick of time anyway?" Sam asked with a sly grin.
Danny looked at her. "Sure," he replied. "But not this close."
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 76 21
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems ch17
Jack and Maddie were already waiting for them at the RV, where Johnson was sitting on the inside with his legs outside the open door. Sam, Tucker and Jazz rushed across the park, out of breath. Tucker removed his dark beret and replaced his favourite red one before leaning against the vehicle and clenching his teeth.
"What happened?" Maddie asked worriedly.
"We got attacked by a bunch of ghosts, that's what," Jazz replied. "Shade was the leader's name, and he was the one who was after Danny when he found the gems at NASA."
"We were able to trap four of them, but Shade and the fifth one got away," Sam replied, holding up her thermos.
"That's not the worst part," Tucker added as he wiped his forehead. "He landed me a good punch in the gut which sent me flying into a display. That set off the alarms, and when we went back to get the gem, it just… floated up in mid air and… disappeared!!"
"It what?!" Jack and Maddie exclaimed.
Tucker turned and kicked
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 74 29
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems chp3
Shortly after giving the head security officer the order to close the doors at four, Tucker found himself exiting Town Hall with his best friend. Plenty of people still walked in and out of the building, on their way to see the ghost expo.
"Everything in that room will be moved to the museum tomorrow," Tucker announced as he and Sam walked over to Sam's sports car. "I'm gonna look it over to make sure everything's safe.  Danny's mom will come and lend me a hand too, until you finish your job and head over. Most of it is just documentation about different samples and legends. There's a list of all the ghosts that have haunted Amity Park too."
"Including Danny Phantom?" Sam said with a grin.
Tucker smiled back. "Why would I forget the guy who protected us all these years?" he asked. "I think his stuff is actually more popular than anything else. Most of the questions at the conference were in reference to him and how I came across so much information about him. Luckily for me,
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 76 19
DP: MOTSG Chapter Images by KicsterAsh DP: MOTSG Chapter Images :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 196 60
Fenton Thunderstorm
Loose items sitting on the dresser rattled as the top floor of the house shook weakly. Danny opened his eyes fairly quickly, yet sleep still managed to keep them from opening all the way. He stared drowsily around the room before finally realizing that the thunderstorm that had begun that evening was still rumbling on through the night. The rain pitpatted gently against the windows of the master bedroom.
Danny blinked sleepily before a bright flash of lightening lit up the room for a split second. Following hardly a second afterwards came the roaring thunder.
As a child, thunderstorms had frightened him for many years; but now, Danny had learned to enjoy the gentle pit pat of the rain and the rumbles of the clouds above. He sighed tiredly and turned onto his left side before closing his eyes again.
Beside him, his wife stirred. "Danny, are you awake?" she whispered, partially asleep.
Danny groaned weakly but did not say anything else.
"Was that thunder?"
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 99 84
DP: M of the Spirit Gems chp 1
Thousands of miles away from Texas, near the northern half of the country, amidst the hills and forests, sat the city known today as Amity Park. Most outsiders considered it a beautiful, peaceful place, but unbeknownst to them, Amity Park was in fact the most haunted town in all of the United States of America. More doorways to the Ghost Zone had been opened in that city than any other in the country, and there had been more sightings of ghosts than any other type of crime.
But it continued to thrive and grow. Five years earlier, it had been but a town-now, its population had made it a city. Despite the stories of its haunted buildings and ghost-infested homes, Amity Park had a charm that no other town in America had.
Casper Elementary was the general school of the city, with Casper High a few blocks down. The school walls housed over a thousand students. It was known for its high education ranking, although most of the students who attend it could say differently about some of their t
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 121 37
DP: M. of the Spirit Gems Prol
Morning was just dawning over the city of Houston, USA, but the people working at NASA's Johnson Space Center had been up hours before the sun. Astronauts, doctors of science and military soldiers walked the grounds, getting ready for the return of another shuttle, even though the shuttle was returning in Florida, thousands of miles away.
It was no different in the laboratory of British-American space researcher, Dr. Michael Johnson. He loved the feeling of getting up early in the morning and working on samples brought back from the moon and other areas in space by the space rovers and astronauts. Everything from the unknown fascinated him. Deciphering riddles and puzzles were some of his favourite hobbies.
And thanks to a certain Space Cadet-turned astronaut who had entered the space program several years earlier, Johnson was also fascinated by the theory of ghosts existing.
Michael Johnson was one of the Space Center's most respected scientists; even the students who enrolled every t
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 91 27
Danny Phantom: Double Trouble by KicsterAsh Danny Phantom: Double Trouble :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 522 136 When's the Bus Coming? by KicsterAsh When's the Bus Coming? :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 375 72



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