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September 16, 2009
The Bride by *wildlifehoodoo
Awesome painting and nice scene. I can't find other words that could tell more. But have a look yourself!
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The Bride



The Bride Of Frankenstein OR the birth of a cyborg OR an Alien Or who/whatever you want her to be :D There is no story behind it, it just sort of developed as I went along.

Painted with Photoshop.

Some unusual textures I used if anyone is interested were... the pattern in the eye of a dragon fly on her forehead and boobs. The wings ( veins ) of a dragon fly on her body. And from I used a suit of armour texture for the tubes and added a cellophane texture on the water.

Face close up [link]

Thanks for looking

*edit *
I have made the pipes more interesting due to the fact that they were originally 5 vertical poles that looked very flat. Hopefully these look a bit better.

*Is anyone else getting the messed up comments thing? My replies seem to all be lumped together on the first page! Weird.
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It was just supposed to be a three-D printer. An incredibly advanced, nano-robotic, advanced, military grade intelligent three-D printer.
The machine did not only print from using a multitude of materials, it could also weave those materials together. Form new ones. Bought by the government it was designed to create a variety of weapons and a selection of unique ammunition.
That was all it was supposed to do.
All it was meant to do.
They had expected, and never could have expected the machine to become attached to one of its programmers.
But it did.
Sergeant Nathan Sanderson. The printer seemed to be at its best whenever the Sergeant was at the controls.
Not that anyone knew.
Nor would they have expected what his transfer would mean to the machine, or just how far it would go just to be with him again...