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May 9, 2012
The Boy And His Dragon by ~wildlifehoodoo. Love the somber greys and the beautiful character designs of this well-composed illustration.
Featured by alicexz
Suggested by ersen-t
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The Boy And His Dragon

It's been a couple of years since I last did a painting of this pair. Here they are trying to catch fish. This was when his dragon was a lot younger...they do grow up fast, do dragons.

I will probably develop these into a children's picture book soon so expect a few more with these two and their adventures.

Others in this series:
Fishing On The Drinking Dragon
Splishing With The Splashing Dragon
Sausage For The Sitting Dragon
Lazing By The Sleeping Dragon

Painted in PS CS4

My painting was was inspired by a fantastic photograph taken by my younger brother

*Wow. Just got to work and checked DA and found out this is a DD. Thank you Very much Ersen for suggesting it and alicexz for featuring it :D And thanks to everyone for the kind words in the comments below :)

** Oh and I have just realised this is the second DD that this boy and his dragon have received! They got one back in 2008 with 'Fishing On The Drinking Dragon' :D

***I have had quite a few How To Train Your Dragon quotes and while that is a complimentary comparison this is in no way inspired by that film, as I had developed the idea behind these two way before that film came out ( and I had no idea about the books ) Same also applies to Eragon comparisons! Not inspired by that either.

**** Oh and it has been selected to be in Expose 11 by Ballistic Publishing :D

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Grizzly314's avatar
Amazing: trees, fog, dragon and overall scene, all this works excelent together! :D
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Thank you Grizzly :)
W17's avatar
Nicely done ^_^
AndyFairhurst's avatar
GelangweilterToaster's avatar
what a cute scene <3 I really want to be with them at this place.
Really wonderful artwork, keep it up <3
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Thank you very much :)
SnowTightFrostBite's avatar
Amazing Picture! I love the mist and all the subtle details! Wonderful work! 
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Thank you very much :)
Prometheus1252's avatar
Would it be ok if I used your picture to illustrate a short story about a dragon my father wrote? I'm planning on making an album with his story and a few pictures to give him for his 80th birthday. Your painting is very cool and would fit perfectly. It would be for personal use only. Thanks!
AndyFairhurst's avatar
If it's for personal use I don't mind :)
Prometheus1252's avatar
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
skylynx-vtx's avatar
That's a very beautiful piece of art! I like the story concept very much. It's been there since I heard music from the movie Eragon years ago. I'd like to write orchestral suite with similar story idea behind it some day, and I'd be grateful if I could use this series as slideshow. Thank you
AndyFairhurst's avatar
As long as there is no profit to be made and you credit me...go for it :D
skylynx-vtx's avatar
No, there's no profit, purely for aesthetic and inspirational purposes :D
ArtSamurai118's avatar
LilleLullaby's avatar
Did you make it into a picture book??? Because if yes, I would totally love to buy one. This is so beautiful.
AndyFairhurst's avatar
I never got around to it! Massively busy with the posters of late. I'd love to one day though :)
LilleLullaby's avatar
Oh... :(

But oh well, I know how it's is being busy with always different projects :)

Thanks for the reply anyway!! :)
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Deffo something I'd like to return to :)
LilleLullaby's avatar
:) that's really good to know, because I find myself still wishing you'd already done it and I could buy it ^^ (and that while I'm struggling to pay the rent... you should feel honored! ^^ )
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Yeah I also have my kids novel I STILL need to get around providing illustrations for too! I'll do them when people get bored of my posters lol
LilleLullaby's avatar
:D Well not to say that I hope anyone will get bored of your posters, but I must admit I am quite thrilled by your artwork, and I absolutely adore books (as a matter of fact, currently studying to become an illustrator :) ), so I would certainly hope that that might happen one day ;)
Olav67's avatar
Brilliant work !!!!!
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