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Smaug The Magnificent

This is my attempt at Smaug. No he isn't perched upon the Lonely Mountain just in case any Hobbit experts point that out :D it is just some rocky rock thing.

Painted in Photoshop CS2 and a Whackit Intuos

Thanks for looking

WIP - [link]

P.S For those who haven't read the book, Smaug had a belly encrusted with treasure which made him indestructible, or so he thought, because on his left breast was a bare patch which became his Achilles heel. Bard the Bowman shot an arrow at this patch and killed the cocky dragon.
So the jewels on his chest/belly are not my idea :D Smaug wouldn't be Smaug without them.
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Bendorah's avatar
Now THAT! Is a dragon.
WilbuGhost's avatar
Amazing, love the expression :)
PestilentAngel's avatar
I really love this rendition of Smaug.  Too many people leave out his jewel encrusted belly, so thanks for keeping that <3
AndyFairhurst's avatar
I'm glad you like it :)
Sada-Pazaki's avatar
He looks so fierce!
Thatguy875's avatar
Too bad the movie didn't have the jewels... :/
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Don't spoil it for me lol
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Haha no worries, it wasn't much of a spoiler :)
Thatguy875's avatar
I'm a terrible person! D':

hanroe's avatar
Awesome job. I read the book a long time ago and didn't remember the jewel thing. I have to re-read it sometime.
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Yeah he was encrusted with jewels from lying on his treasure for so long...if I remember correctly
iKoiKoi's avatar
no, not Smaug, I will complain to all Smaug "artists" he is lion faced, furry cheeks and fur down his spin, missing a scale on his chest, VERY red, cat eared and has an under bite.
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Where in the book does it describe this way?
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
wow he's really angry :D
lordofarabia's avatar
Smaug the Awesome...Smaug the Mean....Smaug the Destroyer.....Smaug the Magnificent....SMAG THE BIG FAT DRAGON WHO DOES NOTHING BUT SIT AND GLOAT ABOUT HIS TREASURE. Yeesh.

P.S: My cat fits the description of Smaug.
AndyFairhurst's avatar
haha! Yeah my cat is pretty much like that too :D
lordofarabia's avatar
Haha!! Cats are supposed to be active.....not like Smaug...
AndyFairhurst's avatar
My cat sleeps and attacks me when I walk past her and not much else.
lordofarabia's avatar
I just got a new kitten who may just turn into a Smaug....Anyway, great picture!!!!!
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