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Marvelous Eighteen

* I have been meaning to update this with the other 3 characters I did taking it up to 18, the original is 12,000px X 6100px *

Here are all 18 of my Marvel Characters in one. I will probably carry on doing more and more of these over time as I like to do them when I get a bit of artist block or I get bored with something I am working on and need a break. But I will leave them alone now for a while and get back on with my own stuff again.

Ghost Rider
Captain America
Iron Man
Silver Surfer
The Thing
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Green Goblin
Red Skull

( not all are to scale...Hulk, Thing etc )

After having added the last 3, if I do any more to add to these I PROMISE to get more female characters in there...PROMISE!

All characters are copyright (c) Marvel Characters inc.

Wacom I3

Thanks for looking
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well you got 2/3 of my favourites in there (Iron Man, Daredevil) so this is great in my book (yea and i can't draw lol so this is amazing)

only one missing for me is Doctor Strange :p

(and Female characters... well as a Female myself I gotta say that marvel kinda botched the female ones in the movies at least, we'll see ^^)

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i love ghost rider!
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Like a great Stan Lee would say: Excelsior)))
Great job mate
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I would swap the Silver Surfer with the Punisher. 
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Thank you very much
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Truly stunning work, I love it!
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Nice job on the artwork!
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it's amazing, very nice!!!! congratulation!!!
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