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Hawkeye Kid

When I grow up I wanna be...Hawkeye!

Fear not little butterfly, his aim is terrible. He even managed to take an arrow to his knee...from himself! SORRY! I had to get the Skyrim ref in there even if it is a little old now :)

Photoshop CS4

Water colour texture - [link]

The twenty first of these little silhouette thingies that I did

Thanks for looking

* Only 3 more after this and then that is my lot :D
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this is so cuuute
56horse's avatar
your welcome!
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Oh, my squee. It's an itty-bitty Hawkeye... Oh, Hawkie, leave the poor flutterby alone!!!

This whole series is just brilliant and adorable. Keep'em coming! :+devwatch:
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Something tells me he won't hit the butterfly lol
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not funny this is in no way funny in my opinion just so ya know
AndyFairhurst's avatar
AndyFairhurst's avatar
I think... IT'S HILARIOUS :D
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No in all honesty, I don't find it hilarious, I find it a little bit of fun :) Depicting a kid pretending to be Hawkeye and not quite getting it right.
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well i saw that you put my name in that first rep to me
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Is that not your name?
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LOVE these.

That water colour texture link doesn't work in any of these pieces.
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Thank you! I will see what has happened to the link :) Thanks for letting me know
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Haha this one is proper cute!! Excellent piece!!
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Thank you very much :)
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so cool) loke it))
Practice makes perfect little guy!! I love him! ^.^
AndyFairhurst's avatar
He'll get there :)
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I guess the 'arrow in the knee' didn't stop him pursuing his dreams :D I love your artwork! This is awesome! :D
AndyFairhurst's avatar
haha no it seems he will not be stopped :) Thank you
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HAhah these little silhouette things are really quite cool!

I love how you've created a bit of a series.. and the background is beautiful and dreamy.. THe silhouettes are nothing but dreams but they are big dreams. Really nice work.
Like the shot on his leg XD
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