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Thanks for looking

Photoshop CS2
Wacom I3

textures from

Deadpool is copyright (c) Marvel Characters inc.

UPDATE* I have re-done his eye due to the fact I had done it completely wrong ( wrong perspective for profile shot ). So took the opportunity to alter other aspects too. Thanks to nuckerbar for pointing out the error to me originally :D
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WOW! Fantastic!
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Thank you very much :)
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Wow i'm impressed!!! Clap +fav 
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Thank you!
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Hi peoples! :-) 

I'm Marc, an avid artist trying to promote his drawings on Deviant Art. It's been discouraging to upload my drawings for no one to see them.:-( 

I've posted a link below to a Deadpool drawing I did recently, so if you get a chance, please stop by and check it out. If you could even fave or comment it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for reading!:-) :-)…
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It's probably not a good thing to spam loads of artists begging for them to go and see your work. I see you have only been a member here for 5 months? It took me about 2 years before I started getting views. I never spammed people pages asking for them to come see my work though. Let your work speak for itself. It will find an audience eventually. I think you will put people off if you just copy and paste the same thing in loads of people threads.

Good luck
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Sorry. I was a little desperate...(and tired,it was like 3 a.m.
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No worries! Your work is good! keep it up :D have a little patience and you will get the love :D
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Deadpool is my favorite, love that guy
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You are amazing man. Hope you know that.
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Thank you very much! I have to disagree, I am not amazing lol but I appreciate the kind words :D
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Thank you! I can't remember now, I think it was a metal mesh texture.
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Yeah sometimes textures add a nice final touch :)
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