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Thanks for looking :D

***For an updated version ( May 2017 ) go here :)…

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this is insanely awesome. atmospheric, noir batman at his best. fantastic

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Yeah, I had told them to take it down a while back.
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Right! All right!
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Looks like the recreation of the batman from the ending of Arkham Knight just better
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I've played that but can't remember the ending haha, will have to check it out again :D Thanks though
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Do you have a link to them?
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Sorry I accidentally hidden my comment, I meant to edit it to add a bit at the end. Sorry, I couldn't find the link to them. I remember seeing your comment on it, so you probably already know. By the way, when I back-traced this image it was used on 474 websites, 15 of them being on deviantART.…
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Yeah it's probably one of the most 'stolen' pieces. Not too bad I guess so long as they arent selling prints...just a bit cheeky though
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This is what people actually see when they get jumped by Batman xD
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