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This is a recently updated version ( done May 2017 ) of my most popular deviation over the last 12 years.

Here is the original which was done nearly 10 years ago, how time flies.…

Painted in Photoshop

Thanks for looking
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Awesome. This drawing really captures the dark site batman can have
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OH WOW, I have seen this on many sites, pinterst, comic fan, wallpaper sites. Never knew it was you. A history lesson and an eye candy for me :)
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Yeah the original one has been stolen so many times over the last 10 years lol
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Always love the Bat Man!!!! XD
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Yeah, love this. One of your best Andy. 
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I like how he's just exploding into the viewer's path. :D (Big Grin) You can see why the Batman inspires superstitious dread. Oops!  He doesn't seem human here...Wink/Razz 
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Yeah he looks nightmarish hopefully :) Thanks very much :D
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12 years?! Really?! Oh my gawd! I never realised it's been that long :lmao:

I love this new version! I always loved these drawings of him... But... why so small? :(
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Yeah I've been here nearly 13 yeas I think. The original Batman piece is closer to 10 years ago though. And small cos TEECHIP :D
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It's crazy! It feels like yesterday :lmao:

Keep it up, dude! I always loved your art! I don't leave comments quite often but I love when I see you upload one :D!
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Thank you very much indeed :) Yeah I don't visit DA as much as I did in it's heyday.
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You're very welcome! I understand but you're still here for those who still visit dA like before and I appreciate that!
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He is Vengeance. He is the Night. He is BATMAN!!
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Awesome piece!!
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