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88MPH Trilogy

All 3 together. Available as limited edition print set at Bottleneck Gallery very soon
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Awesome idea,, love it!

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This is so brilliant..! Or should I say heavy? :)

Love your artwork! <3

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Thank you Kathy :)

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i love that movie ^^
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thou i won't lie it was the train scenes i've seen on youtube that compelled me to find out how good of a movie it is
and it's brilliant. OwO
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I got this through Teechip totally unknowing that it was stolen. That's a shame, but now I know better! It's taken me this long to figure out why the quality of the print was so poor in comparison to the images that sold me on it.

I'm guessing the image they used was from here, on your DA? If that's the case... maybe watermarks would throw a wrench in their plans.

Anyways, beautiful artwork, and I recently bought "Beyond the Wall" from BNG, am very excited to get it!
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They have stolen stuff of mine that has watermarks on it. Seems they don't care what the quality is like. Thanks for the support by the way! If you have the GoT through Bottleneck you will see what the actual quality should have been for the 88MPH prints, as that's where they were done originally :)
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Please tell me where can I buy this????
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All sold out a while back I'm afraid :(
Very clever. It plays so well on the iconic aspect of the series.
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Andy! i would like to buy your poster, is there anyway we can get it? I have seen many facebook ads with your image but i want to buy it from you and not from those piracy authors.
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Unfortunately not. It was a limited edition. Teechip is bad. I have seen the quality of their prints and they are terrible
Thats a shame. I'll not buy from them. If you think to sell them again please let me know.
How can I buy this print?
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No, it's not available anymore sorry. Those facebook sales you might have seen are stolen BAD quality
Thanks for the response. It's a shame thieves are profiting from your work.
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Oh man, love these! 
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