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Longing the Dark Tower

My first ever matte painting. Inspired by Stephen King's - The Dark Tower series.
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Wow it's beautiful!!!!

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Where are the BEAMS?

"Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came"

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"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."
I thought the dark tower they used in the film was good.
The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
Is it okay if I use this image as my desktop background?
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great book, great work :)
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I still dig looking at this piece. 
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Really like how you can see the sun coming through the clouds.
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beautiful piece of illustration for this awesome saga !
i've just seen your image used here :…
i guess it will be used a lot in the days and month to come...
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Haha yeah iv'e seen it used all over the internet for years. Someone even posted a photo of a cooler they had painted it onto once. So random.
Hi Andy!
This is magnificent! 
I've made a song inspired in the Dark Tower Series. Would you mind if i use this image to ilustrate it on youtube? With a link back of course, and your credits.
Thank you!
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Of course go for it! I'd love to hear the music when it's released. :)
Thank you very much!
The music its finally done. I want to send you the mp3. =D
Can you tell me your email so i can do it?
By the way, i want to release the music on some other plataforms too, not just youtube.  Would you mind if your image illustrate it? I would write the name of the song somewhere on it if you authorize. Something like this:…
Always with your credits and a link back to this page or some other that you may prefer. We can talk about that on the email if you like. 

A big thank you!
Long days and pleasent nights!
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Yes you can continue using the image with this song on other video platforms. Credit is welcome. I don't want to give out my email but be sure to post the youtube link here when you upload the song!
I sent you a note, but I'm putting out a comment too. First of all. This is the best picture I've seen that been inspired by The Dark Tower series. It's gorgeous! My question to you is: Is it possible to buy it in a bigger format? I see you sell it in a 12x18 format, but I want it for the main peace in my livingroom. Again. It's a unbelievable picture.
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Unfortunately I lost the original when a hard drive of mine failed a couple years back. The image on this site is literally the only copy that exists now. I'm sorry about that - but thankyou so much for the kind words nevertheless. 
Aaw, that's too bad. I really wanted to buy the picture from the artist. Do you mind if I try to print this copy up at a professional photo store? If not, thank you anyways. If it is OK, how much do you think I can scale it up before it get to unfocused?
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Yeah go for it. I'd check with the printer in regards to the result of scaling up the print - different printing methods and papers may make for different quality images. 
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my favorite character ever.
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This is gorgeous. Would you mind if I used it as part of a design for a book tribute page on another site (with full credit and a link back, of course)?
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yeah no problem!
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