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Dr.Ametsuchi: Angel Zone Reference

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Name: Doctor Ametsuchi
Age: ??? Way older than her physical appearence of 25
Occupation: Physicist, Expert on magic, space and the cosmics. Is researching Fate.
Sexuality: Pan
Likes: Praise, New Dimensions, Work, Trolling
Dislikes: Set Backs, Darkness, Failure, Annoying things, A certain fabulous alternate persona.
Abilities: Flight, Teleportation, Telekinesis, All forms of magic, Short-Ranged Omnipotence, Conjuring Objects
Bio: There is little known about her, her history, her origins. What s known is that she is all knowledgeable and claims the title of the creator of magic, whatever that means. Now she has assembled a team to assist her in her latest experiment. She has been studying fate, and her latest breakthrough brings her one step closer to control it. What she would want it that power, still unknown.
Personality: She's very cold and calculated. She treats everything as nothing personal, and never opens up to anyone. She doesn't form bonds very easily and can be quite awkward in small talk other than super technical physics stuff. She is very much a workaholic, and can get wrapped up in her project from days to even months at a time. She prefers to try negotiation first to get her way, though she'll just do what she wants anyways if declined. She doesn't attack first unless she gives a clear warning, but if you try to attack her, she will kill you unless you're needed alive. She also gains secret pleasure from messing around with unpleasant people and trolling them. (Especially certain cannibals that must not be named.)

For: :iconangelzoneoct:
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How tall is she?
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AndYetNoBananasHobbyist Digital Artist
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Likes - Praise? Be to Gorum, Lord in Iron, Soldier of Darkness? Oh. Not that kind of praise. Whoops.
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At long last, our lovely hostess has arrived!

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I-Need-BaconStudent Digital Artist
>a certain fabulous alternate persona
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BestBotStudent Digital Artist
an Angel Zone ref sheet?! This better not be another tease. If it's another tease, I swear to Nanners, you're not gonna like me when I'm teased!
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AndYetNoBananasHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry, I released this just to prove that we are, in fact, working on this. XD
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