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Shadows of the Colossi FINAL

All of the Colossi from the game 'Shadow of the Colossus' to scale. With thanks to NomadColossus ( ) for the scaling and research.

Wallpaper version now available!…

This and other cool posters available in A3 here!
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Awesome. Love the scale.
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Oooooh that's cool.
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Where's Dirge..?
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He's in yellow below the others, his head is at the front :)
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Oooohh! Thank you.
At first I thought that the black one in front of him was Dirge and that the yellow was like a sand effect, than i thought "No that's Hydrus, Dirge doesn't have whiskers."
In my opinion Dirge and Hydrus look almost like they're related.
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Hah no worries, thank you very much for the faves!
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but, if u draw it scales, do u know some measurements of its body, even a mass?
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Simply beautiful. Loved it!
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I love how Dormin's/Wander's beast shadow is included. Great job!!
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Thanks very much!
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theres like nothing better then showing size comparison! amazing work! I love it :D
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The second one from the left (not counting the 15th one) looks like Virizion
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This is great. I especially like that you've done more with it than just put them all next to each other in a line to show the scale - the water one going under the ground for example, and the other in the sky. Also really like how you included wander's transformation!
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This awesome art of one of my favorite games.
When can we expect a wallpaper sized version?
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Instant favorite. Truly tremendous vector work.
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TROLLosus XD,it was pretty annoying to defeat some of them and also the typical "How do i kill it?" moments

Excellent job,also Spoilers
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