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Shot - Widescreen

By Andycap

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I saw a very similar version of this on Storage Hunters Series 1 Episode 16 (Triple X), you can find it on youtube.  I really like the image though.
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Am I the only one reminded of KILL BILL?
Okay. :(

Loved BTW~!
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I think the link doesn't work anymore:(
Would like to have this wallpaper!:D
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this is absolutely excellent.

Not only the fact that he shot her point blank and now we see her falling, but the fact that her ghostly image remains from the moment of impact..

this is exception work
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I had this as a wallpaper for almost a year and never got tired of it. I still love it : )
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This is indeed a very good masterpiece! Mind if I use this for my band, and accredit you and post a link to your DevArt?
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Thats AMAZING!!!!!!!!
why does the shadow not match the body falling?
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I dont think its meant to dude, think out side the box.
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Haha, I found this on a Rise Against music video XD...
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There's something really attention-grabbing about this and I love it.
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creepy, but awesome
BlackBlood941's avatar
wow, this is amazing
Crimson-N-Cream's avatar
I love the transition. Looks fantastic!
nice. i like it
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NICE! THis one really grabs me!
Indoboi's avatar
whoa very niceeee!!
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it's amazing... I found it somewhere in web and loved it!
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Wow, I thought she was just falling, then I opened this and was shocked! I love the fade from orange to blue and the straight-forwardness of the entire piece. Nice work on the fractaly thing coming out of the gun ^__^
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