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Doctor Who - Tara's Doctor

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"David Tennant returns as the Doctor to face his most feared foe, the weeping angels, in a one off adventure with an unsuspecting new companion, Tara, on her birthday."

This is the tag line I made up for this digital painting that I created for my girlfriend's birthday yesterday. She is a massive Doctor Who fan, obviously the 10th incarnation (David Tennant) is her favourite. I thought it would be cool/funny if she went on an adventure with him in her favourite items of clothing, her fluffy onesie and bear slipper boots.

The painting is drawn from the point of view of a weeping angel, you guessed it, her favourite foe of the Doctor. There are a couple of easter eggs in there too, see if you can spot them all.

I am aware Amy and Rory didn't feature in the 10th Doctor's story lines, I just thought it would be interesting if the Doctor had been their before but been unassuming to the importance of the names on the grave.

Some may also spot the name "Alfie", Tara and I were deeply saddened by the loss of our cat Alfie a couple of weeks back, so I thought it would be a nice ever lasting tribute to the little fella.

Technical stuff - The painting is rather large, a couple of times larger than Full HD. It was painted in Photoshop and I used a Wacom Bamboo. It took over a month to complete, I estimate around 30 hours.

Please don't use this image as your own work, it's quite obviously a personal image and subject so if you do want to use it give me a shout via the messages. I'm happy if you want to use it as your desktop background (or any other device background) though.
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