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Chess Set

Very pleased with it myself, pretty self explanitry i liked the shapes of the pieces and i like making glass objects so naturally this was guna be a piece i liked.

Hope you all enjoy, check my gallery soon for another angle and possibly all the chess pieces seperately and larger to show off the detail. :)

1.45 million polygons

15mins 39secs render time using cinema 4d. Using an AMD64 3000+, 1gb RAM, Radeon 9600Pro on a Abit KV8 MAX3 mobo. < ------ might answer some questions!
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A W S O M E !!!
great picture, but few words of critics:
1. right bottom square of the board should be white;
2. kings (so and queens too) should be on the same files.
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is there a tut for c4d??

i love it
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Well I might be able to put together a tutorial for you, and everyone else, but im not promising anything ive got a lot on at the moment :D


littleDlite's avatar
its cool no worries :)
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holy shit that is nice!
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thanks for all the comments man and the watch, i really appriciate it :)
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awesome work, what did you do for the glass material; make it or use a script?
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i made it in cinema 4d, wouldnt have a clue how to even start script :)
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ah, i can never get my glass materials to come out quite the way i want them, so generally i resort to finding someone's script or premade shader. :)
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lol, if it works...... might as well :D
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this is so one of my projects this year and if it looks half this good im bound to get a good grade
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Very nice render, the glass peices look awesome. good work
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smooth! Actually, I palyed chess with a friend some hours ago. I won ;). good work! but it would be even better if you made the table itself thicker and adding some detail to it (on the sides). Anyway, great.
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was thinking that i may one day do that, thanks for the comment!! :)
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this is very cool :D
good job :+fav:
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This is some amazing work, i love the glass pieces, and the gloss effect on the board itsself.
Excelent work m8, excelent!!!
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I love glass renderings! very nice!
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yep looks pretty good!
annielee's avatar
Very good!
Nice work ;)
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That is really awesome... love the glass pieces..

AndyBuck's avatar
thanks man, check my gallery in the future :)
Shilpit's avatar
Most welcome, I may be back some day to do just that
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