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First, thanx to everyone leaving comments and writing messages!  I appreciate all of them;)  I try to answer things when I get chances.  
I'm also trying to add more WIP pics and various art pieces I have done.   

Prints + Con Artbook/Sketchbook

I have prints available of my artwork "The Throne"!
There is a Limited (signed & numbered) version. Limited to 100
And there is an Unlimited version which will be offered at a lower price.

The prints are Black and White and measure 11 x 17 (A3)(same size as the original art)
Here's the art:

I also have a few of my Convention Artbook/sketchbooks left from 2009.
I have a very limited number of these (less than 10).  
I'm not planning to attend any big conventions this summer, so this will be the only place to get these things.

Here's the cover:

You can order these things directly from me and payments can be made through paypal.
Message me if interested and for prices or details.

"Masters in Print" gallery:
Licensing my art:…
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I just want to ask one thing,since u havent replied to the Throne piece u did
How the Hell did u get everything so symmetrical?
when i do drawings that need symmetry i use rulers and basic geometry to count distances and all,but even then it doesnt look good enough,not like ures anyway..