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April 23, 2010
Face to face with the Gatekeeper of the Dark, exquisite terror and articulate draftsmanship from ~andybrase.
(Suggested by =fatallook and *KJS-1)
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Gatekeeper of the Dark



Gatekeeper of the Dark
Ink version (all ink line art)
private commission
copyright Andy Brase
Blog/ Website

Originally intended to be a redesign of the Marvel villain Nightmare.
I realized though, I put so much work, revision, and original concepts into the design of this characacter that it had basically nothing to do with the Marvel character.
He became a new & original character concept altogether.
So I have retitled the character/art "Gatekeeper of the Dark"
Now he will have a role in my own project/world "Chaos Destiny"
This illustration will have a few alterations when I get a chance... mainly replacing the heads in the background.

Please Note: This is NOT a Marvel character (as explained above) He is an original creation for my project "Chaos Destiny"


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