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Based on Mike Trim's Cover for Jeff Waynes Musical Verion of HG Wells War of the Worlds (what a mouthful!) but with the tripod from Speilbergs film (the only thing right with the film IMO was the tripods) made using Lightwave 9.2 and some work in Photoshop
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wow, amazing ship and spaceship details...
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I didn't realize that ship was the King George V when i first saw it.
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I loved this part, even when its almost certain that we will lose we'll stand and fight like a cornered animal struggling defiantly to the bitter end
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this is really good. something i always wondered is what the handling machine and flying machine would have looked like if they were included in the 2005 movie.
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The Handling Machine would recycle elements from the PenDragons film, whereas the Flying Machine will be a modified version of the 1953 Martian machine
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Interesting Ideas.
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Pretty pretty!  Very nicely done!  This is my favorite scene from the book.  My parents got a big painting of the Thunderchild bringing down the first tripod for a wedding present, and between that and Jeff Wayne's WotW musical, I fell in love with it.
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Ohhhh I'd kinda like to see that
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I'd post it, but I didn't paint it, so I wouldn't feel right about it.
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That's ok
was it from the Jeff Wayne version
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No, it was the artist's personal interpretation.  The tripods are kinda an off-flesh color, and they have this kinda smokestack thing coming up in the back.
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Oh my god! This is amazing!
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You have captured this fictional moment as an image of true nature of man willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good. As a combat vet I've seen men risk all to defend their comrades. Done a few crazy things myself. Too bad it takes such brutality to bring out our better nature in most cases.
I bought the album, yes vinyl, when it came out and still have it. Also have Wakeman's '"Journey to the center of the earth".
Speilberg used the 'red weed' too.
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It's like the Thunderchild is saying "'Til death!" The ship never gave up the fight.
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HOLY !!!!!! This is the truest meaning of EPIC !!!
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If I ever own a boat, I shall name it the Thunderchild.
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Thunderchild is like the 'Jervis Bay' of War of the Worlds.

...and if anyone gets that reference, you will win a cookie
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...people started cheering...

Come on, Thunderchild!
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Your art has been featured here [link] as an inspirational piece to all!!! Thank you very much!!!
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Very very dramatic work. A noble sacrifice for the HMS Thunderchild. I'm glad you used the tripods from Spielberg's movie. I loved their design.
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That was one of the big disappointments of the 2005 film I though,
WHERE WAS THE THUNDERCHILD!!!, I wanted to see her fighting off the tripods with all she had!
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