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Cosplay Photography Tutorial I

By Andy-K
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Here is the first part of my tutorial on cosplay and convention photography.
I will upload the second part later this day and the 3 other parts over the following days.

Part I: “So you want to shoot at a con?” a.k.a. “Introduction and basics” [link]
Part II: “Auto mode is the enemy” a.k.a. “Get to know your camera” [link]
Part III: “Now show me your ass” a.k.a. “Poses and composition”
Part IV: “Dude, don't touch her there D:” a.k.a. “How to behave as a photographer”
Part V: “Convention over, work's done. Right?” a.k.a. “Post processing and uploading”
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Your tutorials are so helpful! Thanks :D
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coool.. ah yeah! and.... seriously.....

dear photgraphers...
(okay, not Andy, because he is not concerned as I can tell)

ASK for the photo!!!
It's rude, irrespectual and even illegal taking pictures without asking!!!

How many times I meet people taking photos without asking, even when cosplayers are changing or are in the bathroom!!!!!!

cool!!!! THank you for the tut!!!
wanna see your next pages of this! ^/////^

bisous X3
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Love your write up! :)
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hm punkt 4 funktioniert aber meistens nicht immer *zu firi und rei schiel* die meisten anime, aus denen sie ihre cos beziehen lerne ich erst durch die cos kennen XD
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zu diesem fall schreibe ich in part 3 noch ein wenig^^
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dann bin ich mal gespannt :)
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Ha ha I like how you mentioned not to be creepy. Cause most cons usually have enough of those kinds of people. Ha ha. And I'm glad you reiterated about knowing the anime/series. I tend to have this problem recently. I don't know the character/series/whatever, I lack at thinking up poses. Though clearly it's something to be worked at. Can't wait for the next parts!
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XDDDD 'Don't be creepy'
Ja, daran sollten sich echt mal manche halten. Und vor allem 'Don't join into a photoshooting on your own will and without asking' Manche sind echt sau dreist...
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Ah, this is pretty awesome so far~ Looking forward to the rest, especially part III! ^^
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Yay, ish happy to read the awesome.
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DON'T. BE. CREEPY. - Gott, können sich das bitte sämtliche Conventiongänger auf die Stirn tatoovieren damit sie es jeden morgen sehen!?

Ich freue mich auf Part IV, weil das der ist über den ich mich am meisten aufrege und ich wette der wird toll, das Intro war ja schonmal sehr viel versprechen.

Btw. Ich hab heut ein schwarzes Eichhorn gesehen und musste an dich denken. :3
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Always be as friendly and polite as possible...diese Worte aus deinem Munde? xDDDDD

Aber ich bin begeistert, gutes Tut!
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Hey hey, das find ich jetzt aber gemein D:
NeenaChan's avatar
Andy-K's avatar
Ich versuche immer freundlich und nett zu sein... `__´
NeenaChan's avatar
Jaaaa, außer manchmal xD
Neee, das war ja nur so halbernst gemeint, keine Angst Lord Eichhörnchington!
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