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Everyone who take some time to watch birds know how difficult it may be to get them in front of a camera. They are vivid, fast and small. You have to be very patient. What I see here is a photography caught just in the right moment. The colours come out great and naturally. The focus is so well done you can count this little fellas feathers. Everything what needed to be sharp is sharp. Much better than many pictures I saw in bird books. The angle shows the little bird in a very good way like eye in eye with the animal. It would make a great reference for a drawing study. Really well done!
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Thanks Very Much Indeed. :)
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Very interesting bird!:clap:

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I could stare at those gorgeous feathers for days! :love:
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Me Too.
Thanks :-)
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Such a great series! Congrats on your feature!
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Thanks Very Much. :-)
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Superb detail and colors!
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Beautiful bird, Great shot!
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You never think of starlings as pretty until you get really close. And though I'm far from an expert in any way, great picture, it's very clear an shows off the amazing colours of this little guy. I actually like the lack of action because it gives the bird itself the chance to shine.
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Wow what kind of bird is this? Wish we had this kind of bird in Australia! Such pretty colours tipped with gold!
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beautiful details :)
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Wow, this is a beautiful capture and I agree with the person below - I would never get tired of looking at it! An amazingly beautiful bird!
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:w00t: This lovely piece has been featured here Raw-Nature Feature 14 at :iconraw-nature:

Please Fave/comment on the feature and take some time to Fave/comment on the wonderful work of our other members
(hopefully they will do the same for you) :w00t:
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This is so very beautiful! Excellent focus, sharpness, contrast.... And the colors are stunning, simply spectacular - it's like the starling is made of rainbows, and so is the background and it suits it marvelously. The only drawback is that the picture seems quite static - there's no motion and it's shot in plain profile. But then this doesn't depend on you, and as far as it does, the composition is fair. The bird is a pleasure to the eye and I could watch its infinite colors for hours.
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Thanks Very Much For Very Fair Appraisal Of This Image.
As You Say It Is Very Static And That Is Partly Because I Was Just Going For A Straight Portrait And Also The Fact That I Missed All The Action Shots As They Were So Dam Quick Especially When That Close To Them There Is No Room For Error And My Reaction Times Were Not Up To The Job. LoL
Like I said I was Going For Portraits Anyway So That Is Why I Chose To Shoot Completely Parallel To The Subject Because Being So Close And Shooting Wide Open My DoF Was Very Small And I Wanted To Ensure The Whole Of My Subject Was Acceptably Sharp.
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I see. As a portrait, it is pretty much perfect. And you're welcome.
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Such a beautiful and colorful bird! I love that you were able to capture it!
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Thank You Very Much. :)
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Wahou O_o... the colooooors!
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Amazing shot :) What a beautiful bird! :heart:
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Thanks A Lot. :)
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