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The sound of water was heard rushing past. As Mara and company neared the river and the bridge that spanned over it, Mara was forced to wait just outside the barrier. The shopkeeper, Aulton nodded back in thanks at Mara's boyfriend before continuing on to the gates of the city.

Bael turned to face Mara, and looked at her hovering form.

"I'll be back in an hour or so. I'm just going to get some things from my place first. So wait for me alright?" Bael finished by poking softly at Mara's nose, which caused her to go cross-eye.

She winced after and put her arms to her side before exclaiming.

"Hey that's my job!"

Mara gave Bael a quick hug, and then watched him walk off. She kept her feet on the ground from when she hugged him, and walked over to a tree root protruding boldly from the ground so she could lean against it.

Meanwhile, Bael walked into a fast-transporter device that would teleport him close to the Mage's district. He walked quickly along the paved ground, between the large crowd of people, eventually making it all the way to the tower where his apartment was located.

There was a clear walkway a few yards before leading to a room with a lift. Going inside, Bael activated the levitation glyphs and he was sent flying up through the floors. Travel itself was fairly slow, but it was faster than going up the stairs. Especially since his apartment was located on the eighty-second floor.

A deep breath traveled through his lungs as he opened the door to his room. He went through the center of his room, and made a line for the study on one of the doors to his right. However, right as he reached the doorway, he started feeling heavier. Clutching his chest, he leaned against the inside of the open doorway.

"Urgh...what the?" Bael brought up a spell from a hand and tried to heal the feeling from him, but it didn't do much.

Figuring it was time for a potion he stumbled slowly across the room clumsily. Whatever was going on was taking effect really quickly. He opened the case of potions on one of his desks, and looked around with heavy lidded eyes.

"Gotcha!" He took the top off, and the cork dropped on the desk, rolling around as he put the bottle to his lips and started to drink. It was an antidote, and is supposed to negate the effects of any poison. Bael didn't know what was going on, but didn't have time to analyze himself. Assuming the worst was his safest decision.

"Must...leave..." He turned his way back toward the exit of the room. He took a couple steps and continued out the door. The potion was barely working, and he felt the pain in his chest start to leave. That's when a black figure seemingly came out of nowhere and jabbed Bael in a pressure point.

Bael fainted.

Meanwhile on the outside of the massive city, Mara continued to wait from a tree branch. She watched down at the ground infront of the large statues from her vantage point to see various people scurry to and fro.

"Where's Bael? It's been at least a couple hours...maybe if I wait a little longer? I should go back and get my necklace!" Mara was nervous. Bael always told her to relax, and just wait for him but she did that this time, and now he's late. Or so she thought. She raced through the jungle back to her home. Felarya was so big though, that even flying at top speed it took a really long time.

Mara got to the door of her large tree house and dropped herself from flight in hopes of freefall being slightly faster. She barged into her home, past the decorations and furniture where Janev usually is, and went up to her room. The door to her room was near the top of the ceiling. The door was clunky, but it worked. She went in, hurried over to the stand where she kept her charms and snatched the jewled necklace.

Mara turned around and flew to the other side of the room to pick up her clothes, and put them over her shoulder. She didn't want to put her clothes on until she got within Negav's range. Especially because there was no slot for her wings, although not wanting to wear clothes in general seemed like a good enough reason in and of itself, but walking through the streets of negav naked would be stupid.

Hurrying back, Mara took the same route back that she took going home, but when she reached the entrance to negav, it was nearly night time. The sun was starting to set, and the flow of people lessened. Mara hoped somewhere in her heart that Bael would be waiting right when she got back, but a sinking feeling stayed in her gut like returning test results.

She wasn't panicking though, at least far from it. Usually the possibility of loosing a loved one would trigger a panic response, but Mara was old enough to have the muscle memory not to do that. She took the necklace in her right hand and put it on her head, fiddling with it until it came down around her face and hung just above her breasts. She tilted her face up as a tingling feeling swept through her body, and caused her to hasten her breath.

Her wings started vanishing, as if traveling into a separated dimension, and her antennae followed suit a second later. She shivered slightly, and took a shirt draped in her left arm to put it over her head. She took a few seconds to finish changing.

"Clothes feel so weird..."

Mara was smart enough to land on the grass and not the branch she originally sat on. She walked down the path nervously, looking around. She could no longer use any fairy magic. Some basic magic might be within her grasp, but since her body was now effectively human, she no longer had the ability to grow or shrink, nor did she have much desire to eat humans or nekos either. It was still there, but severly lessened.

There was the wall. She didn't know what it was called but she remembered reading about it. This wall was for those families of negav and nekomura to place the wishes for their family members who've ventured out into the jungle. It also marked the general boundry of the isolon eye.


Mara looked at it for a while. Families prayed for their loved ones. Unfortunately for her, she needs the prey she eats. It gives her some additional thought though. What if she made a vow to eat those who only really deserved it? She shook her head. She's been alive for over two hundred years, so merely looking at this wall shouldn't be enough to convince her outright. The wall was a prayer for her prey, it doesn't mean she has to accept it. Just because they're intelligent creatures, doesn't mean the world of felarya will become any less dangerous.

Her heart still sank a bit though. What was it that was causing her to think so much about it? Is it not an idea she is familiar with? Perhaps all those years spent alongside Bael have begun to sink in, perhaps acknowledging his existence and carying about his life, even though he was among the prey she hunted was just enough to sway her feelings towards a more merciful lifestyle.

Mara decided to get a move on. She could spend all day thinking about her morality and life decisions, or she could get her search over with. The quicker she locates Bael the better.

The bridge ahead had two large statues on both sides of the front, standing on what looked like pedestals posing triumphant looks, ones of glory and prestige. They each wore a cape, a helmet, armor, and massive spears with a tower sheild on their left arms.

Mara never really got close enough to get a good look at them. The fairies she lived with years ago never cared enough to carve statues.

After she was done looking, Mara walked on, passing the statues and crossing the large arced bridge that crossed the expanse of the Myriad River, the one acting as Negav's moat. People were coming to and from the metropolis, but mostly to. Guards were at the entrance watching as people passed it. Mara approached it, looking down at the ground. She was going to enter the human's lair, the place that so many predators wished they could use as feeding grounds.

"Hey baby, hold your head up a little"

"Huh?" Mara looked up at the guard, who had by chance just spoke to her.

"This is Negav! You're safe from them now."

Mara blushed a bit.

"Them?" She replied, knowing full well what he meant, but couldn't help but reply anyway.

"New here? Well that jungle back there has massive monsters like fairies, nagas, and dryads that will eat you alive."

Mara merely nodded, incredibly embarrased. She passed beyond the gate, and the guard who was waving goodbye to her. Despite his kindness toward her now, if he saw her true form then he would run in fear, or fight until she ate him.

She was walking down main street right now, a wide bricked street that went all the way to the center of Negav. The area she was in now had many shops, bakeries, weapon smiths, bookstores, camping supplies, and streets the snaked further into the city, both west and eastward. Oddly enough, as she walked through the crows of people she felt no hunger. Either she was not hungry, or she was doing a good job at suppressing her sweet tooth. She wanted to believe it was the latter.

Mara put her hand at her pouch, and her hand brushed across it feeling the leather.

"Oh! Yeah, I should probably pick some of those skevols up from Bael's place..."

She put a finger up to her lips as she walked on toward the Mage's District.
Here is part 3. I actually finished this over a month ago, but I've been waiting for someone to edit this. The editing is still in process, but I wanted to make sure it's up. So please ignore any errors (or state them if you wish) because I'm dealing with them currently :D

Must...write...part 4...
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david-dent-jedai Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh heh. That's an interesting trick she used. Transformation magic like that is rare in Felearya but an interesting way to bypass yhe Isolon Eye.
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist
Magic like that cant generally be used. The artifact is one thing that can do that and go undetected, its overpowered.
david-dent-jedai Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I agree. It's a little OP but still pretty neat. I only know od one other spell that was used like this. That was when Jissy was made human size by that weird wizzard XD
xXAmaroqXx Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
hmmm i dont know, not much has happened in this one, but I like the way you described Maras thoughts. Also I dont really understand whats going on, why all your characters do what they do... now why does mara go to negav anyway?
MetalNazo Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012
Wonder what will happen to Mara and Bael?
Shady-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
The writting from here has definitely improved and the plot has become more engaging. However, I can't help but notice that typos have increased in recent stories. Here they are:

ground infront (in front)

to and fro (to and from)

entrance to negav (Captialize Negav!)

loosing a loved (losing a loved)

negav and nekomura (Capitalize Negav and Nekomura!)

isolon eye. (Isolon Eye.)

"Hey baby, hold your head up a little" (Period at the end of the line of dialogue!)

streets the snaked further (THAT snaked further)

the crows of people (crowDs of people.)
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist
yeah spellcheck doesn't exactly get those >_>

also, fro is a word as well, it's proper like that. to and fro, here and there.
Shady-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Didn't know that.
Shadeofheave Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010
Next chapter's gonna be awesome, I can feel it >.>
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010  Hobbyist
I really wish so. I've been trying to balance everything and it's not going so well.
LalaGirl42 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010
huh...interesting story you've got going on here. will there be a part 4 anytime soon? :)
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Hobbyist
I hope so, I've been meaning to write it.
LalaGirl42 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
i shall be waiting patiently for a part 4 then. :)
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010  Hobbyist
Yeah, I *really* want to get it done, now that I got the file back I can resume work.
Shadeofheave Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
By the way, had an idea for part 4!

Perhaps Mara could meet a orphaned boy in Negav, a boy who's trying to make ends connect by showing new people around Negav. She grows attached to him, sorta, and it (conveniently) turns out he wasn't always an orphan. His mom and dad were the breadmakers in the family, until during one assignment in Felarya (for god knows what) they get caught by a fairy (How he knows that is beyond me?) who instead of eating one of them (fairies can shrink/enlarge and so on to get their fill on bad days) eats his whole family. And yeah, just a random thought that occured to me, thought I'd share.
AndurilWielder Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Hobbyist
well I don't want her to do any eating unless it's necessary. ^^;

thanks for your thoughts though, they are greatly appreciated :D
Shadeofheave Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Neither do I, vore is MOSTLY an aquired taste when it comes to me =\
Shadeofheave Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
Must... get... part... 4

Great chapter, you've got a great thing going influencing Mara's thoughts like that, a very misused concept that I like a lot. Fav-d
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