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Mask Tutorial

Ripped off from my Plain Green Mask >[link]

It's a step-by-step of how to easily create a paper mache mask without the help of a plastic base. I won't bother explaining it here, as I've already done that in the tutorial.
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awesome tutorial!
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Thanks for this tutorial! : ) I added a vest made from one of my aunt's old moomoos to a shirt I found at the thrift store and I'm using this tutorial to make a Joker mask for The Dark Knight Rises premiere because I'm too cheap/broke to buy a $40 costume, $10 wig and $5 facepaint.

What I'm trying to say is, thanks for saving me $15!
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It's really easy! Thanks for do this, it will help me n.n
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Super awesome tutorial! Thanks!
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Thank you soooooo much!!! :D I am making my Queen of Hearts mask right now using this! :D
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Thank you so, so much for this. I couldn't find a single costume shop, eventually leaving me without a mask, and without time. Google searches were wielding piss-poor results, but I knew the DA community would pull through.

Thanks again. I'll be able to pull off something cool instead of getting stuck with a cheap bit of plastic.
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I LOVE YOU for this tutorial
All I could find elsewhere was the typical tutorials where you have to cover your face with paper mache or something, but I wanted something like this! Thank yoU!
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im gonna make a maskk for halloween useing THIS method!
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This was definitly helpful. I've started making masks with this tutorial in mind. [link]

Thanks for making this!
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Thank you for this tutorial! I used to to make a Halloween mask. I realized there weren't any masks to buy, or at least any that I liked. This was very easy and inexpensive way to make one. :)
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I'm using this on a Roman mask project I have to do for Social Studies. I made it look like a Roman mask with newspaper all over it with this tutorial, but made it look like something that jumped out of Final Fantasy with paint D:
I'll post pictures as soon as I get the hair/yarn on it!
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Thanks or making this tutorial!
We might have a masquerade-themed graduation party and I wanted to make one myself.
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Useful! Credited you with this tutorial on a mask I started on.
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Good to know! Thanks very much.
EzraShadowstorm's avatar
No problem, dear. ^__^
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Ah! Thank you so much for this tutorial!(XD Now I don't have to spend like 20 bucks for a mask downtown!)
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Yeah... that's pretty much what prompted me to try this... lusting over masks but not having money...
Anyways... I'm glad! Thank you!
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^^ thanks for this tutorial
I was able to make my first paper mache mask using this

I didn't have any paint though >< so I used crepe paper [link]
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I'm really glad you used it and found it helpful! Thanks!
Nitidus's avatar
Yeah, I want to make more sometime
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Ahh, I wish I had artistic talent...I'll have to try this sometime though. I heart paper mache...
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Eh, it was mostly trial and error. But paper mache can definitely make things look better than they really are... which makes it awesome.
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