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The Witch Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII


Rinoa Heartilly es una chica que se convierte en una bruja al absorber los poderes de dos grandes brujas, Edea y Adel.

Tiempo después ella junto a Squall y los demás, pelean por las paz en el mundo, en contra de las nuevas brujas que aterroricen el mundo.

Años después todos envejecen y mueren excepto Rinoa, que por ser bruja envejece mas lento de lo normal, al usar tanto lo G.F va perdiendo la memoria hasta al olvidar todo y a todos. Es cuando ella sin saber que hacer y ser odia por las personas por ser bruja, opta otra mentalidad y se transforma en Artemisa.

Ataque Especial: Veredicto Celestial.

Diseño base de Rinoa Bruja:…



Rinoa Heartilly is a girl who becomes a witch to absorb the powers of two witches, Edea and Adel.

Later it with Squall and the others fight for the peace in the world, against new witches terrorize the world.

Years later age and die all except Rinoa, who as witch ages slower than usual, using both the GF is losing the memory up to forget everything and everyone. It is when her without knowing what to do and being hated by people for being a witch, choose a different mentality and becomes Ultimecia.

Special Attack: Heaven's Judgment.

Witch Rinoa based design:…
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Damn amazing! Time to Mod the PC Verison! :D
AndsportsART's avatar
Thas is good idea!
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I put the "Liona Doire" picture from you into this and in the background a transparent squall face. Dont worry i dont upload this anywhere. its only for me. This give me inspiration to whrite a short Story about this "Family". Glod blessed you for this Art
AndsportsART's avatar
Would be great to read that story. x333
thesimpleskye's avatar
that would be nice yea :) but iam german and english,...if u want i can sent you if it is completet and you can use google translate but haha, results from google translate mhh xD
AndsportsART's avatar
Yes, with Google Translater. x333
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OMG  This. Is. Amazing. Love 
AndsportsART's avatar
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I actually really like that fan theory and think it is fun to do artwork and stories about, but Rinoa is not Ultimecia, Square confirmed she has an ordinary lifespan same as any other human.
AndsportsART's avatar
Yes, it is a theory. but she has lived a normal life is another theory fans, since there is no visual information or written in the game somewhere. I think a more FFVIII-2 would extend this. x33333
jokuvaa666's avatar
Pretty cool idea and looks good too, I think. Nice.

Now that I think about this Witch Rinoa idea, maybe she could have some tattoos added to her design too, like Ultimecia has. Looks good anyway though.
AndsportsART's avatar
Thank you very much!
I had thought to add tattoos as Ultimecia, but I decided to leave as well, because it looks more natural and thus kindly.
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Would be lovely if only what you wrote is inaccurate, since Guardian Forces do not remove one's memory, only their childhood memories. Rinoa would therefore still remember everyone, and her personality is so strong she would rather die, or seal herself then turn evil... Sick of the inaccure theory, which ignores actual facts, but then again do like the design that's all I'm gonna say.
AndsportsART's avatar
Actually, this theory is not entirely clear.
While it is true that Rinoa prefer enclosed her like it before an evil witch, but the witch's blood is strong, full of evil. so, that's an unknown.
but in a future where Squall, not to protect it. in any case should have one FFVIII-2 a continuation of FFVIII, for clarifying many theories of Rinoa.
Cutecath's avatar
Anxiety is what causes a person to loose control over themselves, and the sorceress power takes over. This is true, but according to Edea as long as she relaxes and accepts nothing would happen. A knight would keep her humanity in control, but it isn't proven what would happen if the sorceress were to loose a knight, it doesn't guarantee her from becoming evil, unless her anxiety resurfaces.

The lack of information about sorceresses and the many holes the game left us with, makes it a great "alternative ending" but the disproof from square explains enough, Rinoa could not turn more then hundred of years, that is already disproven in the game. Edea was 5, then 18, 35 by end of game, her husband is 10 years older, doesn't proof a thing if she has longevity she should age slower. My brother is 11years younger then his wife, so meh.

I'm creating a anti-theory atm, only using official quotes/facts so I'll post it on my deviant someday. I don't mind the theory, just obsessing so much about so called facts that are disproven during game is what annoys me.
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I rather like this design she has :3
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Your entire gallery is absolutely beautiful. I need to come back when I have more time to truly appreciate all the pieces, but I had to at least comment on something. But honestly saying something about one doesn't do the body of your work justice.

As for this, I love how you've used so many different aspects of Rinoa (mixed with other sorceress – and giving it an almost a FFX-esque feel) and created something extremely unique. The entire design stands out as do all the details you’ve taken the time to put into the piece.

For example, take the boots and the lacy detail that you placed on the sides of them. Then you've worked that lace-pattern into parts of the shawl and the draping; it’s those details that pull the entire piece together. I also like you've gone against the more traditional angel wings and incorporating the lower-style of Ultimecia's wings on her back. The whole piece is extraordinary. :)

Again, this is just beautiful! You have an amazing talent! :clap:
AndsportsART's avatar
Thank you for your comment, it made me happy that dedication to my drawing.
And I accept constructive criticism. but I still have to give more detail to your costume accessories.

It is a girl working on a drawing of this cosplay Rinoa, she loved this design, and when ready I will be very happy.

Thanks again and greetings! x-D
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Thank you 4 the comment!!! x-D
rinoa does NOT become ultimecia thats been confirmed by sqr enix them selfs
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