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Family Assemble!

"Marvel Families", series 2 of my "Super Families" series for the Paris Comic-Con, hosted by Geek-Art
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This is so cute ;u;
DawnbreakerDystopia's avatar
Omg this is so adorable!!!!! :D :D :D
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Hey I really love your work! wondering tho to get permission to have it tattooed? if that's not ok I will respect that. Just curious anyway :-D
BalloonPrincess's avatar

Loveable, but frightening.  :)
MrOneEars's avatar
Wonderful Idea and concept. Love it!
ryu-ren's avatar
I love Black Widows backpack! I want that backpack!
ArtDivaCriticLove's avatar
Captain America with his little shield and his backpack, pricelessly adorable.
Naruto-ninja-manga's avatar
This is so adorable :D
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pinctraeth's avatar
Aw, so adorable!!!! Great work!!!
Aw!!! I think I'm in love with little America and little Hawkeye and Ironman. X3
purplepam2012's avatar
Very adorable!! Great job!
themoorish's avatar
Loog at the girl with the Hammer
Great peace
SpyG's avatar
this is just too adorable XD
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Figures! Judging by the avengers' attitude in the movie, Nick Fury is more of a baby sitter than a commanding officer to then. Good work, by the way!
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these have all been so amazing!
sqmaniac01's avatar
This is cute. Though I somehow think that this family would be rather tumultuous.
violetrages's avatar
I think so as well, they would probably give Nick Fury a run for his money..especially at bedtime!
sqmaniac01's avatar
Especially Iron-man.
Aiolos13's avatar
SourabhUpalekar's avatar
Superb!! :)
I like IRON MAN's Pose... He is trying to fly! :D
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