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Pokeren App: Fall Ray

Second Characer App for :iconpoke-ren:

Name: Fall-Ray
Type: Fusion
Age: 16
Pokemon: Rowlet
Ability: Long Reach
T.O.R: N’omadsha
Fall-Ray is one of the few villagers of the N’omadsha village inside of the deep part of the treacherous Gigi Jungle. On his normal days he would go out and hunt for food and find herbs for the medicines that their people make. Any who know of the jungles many dangers knows that this is a difficult task. It takes a keen eye, knowledge, and a bit of luck to hunt and forage in this forest, but Fall-Ray has been doing it ever since he was a young boy. Whenever he isn’t hunting and foraging though, he enjoys having fun with his fellow villagers. Though he is no singer or player of instruments, it is said he is a great dancer, and moves with the spirit of his people when he does. Very very few within the tribe also say he loves to give massages, but that’s more of a rumor from the talkative elders.

Despite the good and fun he has though, wanderlust has been brewing in him like it has most in his village. After talking with the few traders that pass through and offering to guide them through the forest, he has decided to take on a path of knowledge and go and explore the world. He hopes to learn of other cultures and see all the unique things outside the forest, though he does not leave for long. For as much as he enjoys to wander, he also enjoys the culture of his home, despite its troubled history.

Dancing, Hunting, Meeting different people

Selfish/Power hungry people, Dark magic, Evil

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