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[TC] [RO-Joining] The Crash


[TC] [RO-Joining] The Crash

Alice Redwoods - 276 Cruising through the plains of Wales always felt like a breath of fresh air to Alice. The cities were claustrophobic and hard to navigate around with their trash and debris, not to mention the unpredictable nature of them. The infected were everywhere, there was no escaping those, but something about their sheer masses in those areas frightened her. After driving mindlessly through the afternoon she figured it was time for a break-and-check; a self-labelled stop to check up on the batteries of the Hummer, have a snack on some jerky and figure out where the hell to actually go to. It was one thing to drive around without a goal other than survival, she’d have been eaten by loneliness if not for the occasional fellow Guardian she could help. Unfortunately, so far it seemed as if they had a real habit of coming and going like the wind. She was a lioness without a pride. As the sky started turning as yellow as her fur a loud bang suddenly shook her from

[TC] Andromeva's Metallon Tracker


[TC] Andromeva's Metallon Tracker

ALICE REDWOODS: 308.m +50.m = joining Literature: + 45.m (9x5.m) = [TC] [RO - JOINING] The Crash Artwork: + 10.m = TC | The Convoy | Alice Redwoods + 13.m = Radiant + 1.m = -Alice- + 5.m = - Feuer Frei + 14.m = Look who's there... + 17.m = Refreshing + 16.m = Harvest Moo + 15.m = |TC| Collab Silly Time - Alice + 15.m = [TC] WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT +10.m = [TC] Batch of Guardians II +14.m (2x7.m) = ShujAlice's Stickers Part 1 +16.m = [TC] Apocalyptic Love +23.m (9+7+7.m) = Alice's Stickers Part 2 External Artwork: + 1.m (1/2 .m) = 'Come on!' + 4.m (9/2 .m) = ShujaaxAlice Chibis + 7.m (14/2 .m) = Alice (Commission 2/2) + 13.m (27/2 .m) = The Convoy: Zombiapocalypse + 6.m (12/2 .m) = Comm - Shuuja and Alice + 1.m (1/2 .m) = Nuzzle Comission for Eva WIP + 5.m (11/2 .m) = Alice + 2.m (6/2 .m) = Alice Bday gift + 7.m (14/2 .m) = Commission Alice + 5.m (10/2 .m) = Aflame + 7.m (15/2 .m) = Alice by Julipy + 6.m (12/2 .m) = Gentle Touch + 3.m (6/2 .m) = Daemon Reward Purchases: - 500.m =


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Nerath - Species Sheet

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Andromeva here, but you can call me Meva~

I'm an architecture student who loves creating worlds, characters and developing stories based on them.

> One of these projects is called RED, of which I'm currently writing the first novel called Hypothermia. It's a science-fiction series set in the uncertain future where humankind came in contact with alien life and is slowly exploring the rest of the galaxy.

> Another project is called Bloodmane, which is planned out but remains idle for now. The story features both sides of the Roman conquest of Britain.

I'm always happy to chat with you, so don't hesitate to drop a message below or on any post!

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Somehow i can't comment on the voting o.O
I guess we have to choose between the two pic's, not the two storys? Well i voted for the banner, for having more instant-impact(cause i don't actually have any infomration or boundary to the crew on the other side). But this didn't make me able to choose which project i favor more(if i get this wrong and this was the question).