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Winx Club 8 - Base Template by AndromedaFairy Winx Club 8 - Base Template by AndromedaFairy
High quality pictures of everyday outfits and Cosmix were released so

This was meant to be only used by me at first, but I figured it has more use to be here too! I noticed something very clever with this style, I don't know if this just depends on the artist but each Winx has unique eyelashes and head shape, that's incredible if that's true! So far, it does look so as I did reference these from all available Season 8 artworks!

I am really excited for the season 8, the new Cosmix designs are absolutely gorgerous and so is the Cutie Couture art style!

This pack includes
The Heads of six Winx girls, with base colour + colouring/shading
A body with base colour + colouring/shading
Each Head folder has Open and Closed Mouth option

The skin shades and highlights are available in the specificed layers of each head (just unclip it and on the right side ^^)

Crediting is not an requirement but I would love to see your artworks :)
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Broncat Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Personally, it feels as if the torso is too short. Their bodies in the Season 8 art style possess smaller breasts, longer torsos, and thinner waist as well. This almost looks like a child ^^;
I do adore the lineart and the shading here though, well done.
AndromedaFairy Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Torso might be too short but that is entirely my fault xD And for thinner waists it is here a "larger" because many photos did have a more rounded waist than normal and couture styles where the waists are like a corner, which still is weird xDD
Thank you tho! I do keep updating this tho as we don't even have series' proportions
DreamofWinx Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2019  Student Digital Artist
oh gosh...this base looks so weird with that child face xD
i think it was better the old one...
it's nor your's rainbow's as always xD
good job! :huggle:
AndromedaFairy Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I still don't see how that can be a child's face tho. Maybe it is just fact that all features are more rounder xD
I honestly love all styles so far - I am a sucker for all Winx styles old or new :P
And well partially it is my fault as I did this based off theirs xD We just have to wait to imorove this
Thank you still!! 
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