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Pennywise 6

I don't know, something pretty old where I was having some fun with colors and stuff. :D
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The colors are so vibrant:wow: rvmp

I love this drawing Heart  So beautiful~~
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We all float down here. Yes we do! Hahahaha)
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Ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous. ❤🎈

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OHOHHOHOHHOHOHOH MANAANANANANANNA MAN I FUCKING LUS THIS OH OH OMFG!PennyWise Jumpscare (IT 2017 - ICON) PennyWise 2 (IT 2017) PennyWise 'Waving With Cut Off Arm' (IT 2017) PennyWise 'I'm not real enough for you' (IT 2017) Pennywise aw shit icon You made Pennywise smile icon Pennywise Youll float too icon PennyWise (IT 2017) PennyWise Dancing (IT 2017) 
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :happybounce: :la:
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Nice He’s more creepy than Tim Curry’s,his Pennywise looks more like a clown from a circus attraction,This Pennywise looks like a clown from an old time,you could tell by looking at the outfit,it shows how old the clown is
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Thank you! And yeah, certainly, though the fact that Tim Curry's version looks more normal makes him waaay scarier for me, whereas the new one looks so unsettling it's hard to believe anyone would actually fall for his antics. :D
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Yeah you’re welcome 
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I love that it's pupils glow.
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Thank you! I'm glad someone noticed that! :'D
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After so many years having a severe phobia of the mini series, I was finally able to overcome most of the fear by watching the new movie. Now I have to watch the mini series in particular to be certain that the fear is finally over. Nice job with the image :)
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Oh my goodness, same. The miniseries gave me so many phobias and nightmares, and the new movie somehow fixed it, despite being most certainly scarier. Now I look back on the miniseries and I'm just like LOL WHY WAS THAT SCARY. I hope the same goes for you! :D
And thank you very much! :)
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Yeah. Same. I watched the movie and even though it had better effects, it was more shocking than scary. I'm a fan of Stephen King, but I remember hating him for a while for doing such a terrifying story. Still, if I watch the miniseries, I'll probably go through the same conclusion as you. But as you know, when you're a kid, you're more easily scared. I must say that IT is a really great story once you overcome all the fear. I even want the book :D
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Yep! Exactly! Tho I haven't actually seen the miniseries recently either so I don't actually know either, that was just from watching funny reviews and stuff, which probably helped me take it less seriously, but still.
And I even think there was some sort of super cheesy inspirational lesson to be learned from the whole thing, like "If you overcome your fears you'll learn a lot!", because the amount of things I've learned and still am from drawing this asshole is frankly ridiculous. XD
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That's Stephen King for you. Teaching you life lessons from very bizzare and terrifying stories. I still love the guy though. And I intend to watch the miniseries again not only to overcome my fear, but also to see the splendid acting, especially from the kid protagonist, Jonathan Brandis. He was such a good actor, and even did some terrific voice acting, but he ended his own life :( Waaaah! 
AndromedaDualitas's avatar
Haha, true that! :D Maybe I should re-watch and re-read some more of his stuff too to see if I get some extra lessons! Since I was a big fan too when I was younger but kinda got too busy and forgot to read. Waaaah! 
Wait whaaaat? I had no idea... Darn... Well that's depressing as heck. Waaaah! :( (Sad) 
LulystalgiaNature's avatar
Well, he's a great writer and storyteller, even if he is a bit crazy. He's like a modern Alfred Hitchcock. And yeah, it's such a shame about that young actor. I was a fan. You know the Aladdin series? Jonathan did the voice of one of the villains there, and it was a terrific performance. The antagonist was incredibly popular, probably the most popular villain of the time, and I believe the voice had much to do with it. But sadly, he went into a depression he couldn't get out of, just like Robin Williams Disbelief 
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Yeeah, true that!
You mean the movies? I've only seen the first one. >.< But I'd love to know which movie and villain that was so I can maybe watch it and appreciate it. :)
Oh man... I just... Ugh. I hate that depression is a thing. So many good and talented people lost to it... It's just so horrible I don't even have the words for it.
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ooo i like this one
Rade-Ahklawelas's avatar
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Thank you! :D
Yep! But also that awkward moment when you been drawing weird eye colors like red and yellow for so long that blue looks exquisite by comparison. XD
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I love the colouring. It looks awesome :) I like the hints of rainbow colours here and there. 
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