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well, since i know a bit more about the instrument and what i want out of them, tonally and stylistically, i've re-evaluated the list of guitars that i desperately need to have and came up with this, names and all. starting at the top left going down:

Gibson SG Goddess - Roseburst - "Diabla Roja" [The Red She-Devil]
(i plan on dropping in a DiMarizzio PAF Pro in the neck and a FRED in the bridge for a nice deep aggressive tone as well as adding a Tune-O-Matic bridge and a Bigsby Vibrato Arm for good measure. the name just sounds wicked cool and accurately describes the sound this pimped out, sweet assed bitch of a guitar.)

Epiphone G-400 - Alpine White - "Tsukiyo" [Moonlight Night]
(One of my current guitars, which i love so badly. I stuck a Gibson Burstbucker 2 in the neck and a Gibson Burstbucker 3 in the bridge for a fantastic vintage tone with just the right amount of gain. they take the already lean, mean sound of the SG and makes it sound even more aggressive. what i love most about her though is how stunning the white finish is. pictures really dont do it justice. the whole concept of a pale yet radiant moonbeam in the dead of night is really the concept behind the name and i just love her to pieces.)

Epiphone Casino w/ Bigsby Vibrato - Vintage Sunburst - [nameless]
(Ah the Beatles guitar, my other axe. Gotta love the fully acoustic thinline sound through Soapbar P-90s. Perfect for playing unplugged in a dorm room when your room mate is trying to study. I actually couldn't find one in a three tone sunburst, which bummed me out at first, but i got it in red instead and omfg is it awesome.)

Rickenbacker 360 - Fireglo - "Brigit"
(a beautiful looking instrument with an even more stunning sound. Despite its German origins i cant help but name her after the Irish goddess of fire.)

Rickenbacker 360/12 - Jetglo - "Orca"
(what guitar collection would be complete without the worlds most popular electric twelve string? not mine for sure. I'd really like to get it in Midnight Blue, i was just to lazy to find pics of it online. I'll update it later when i get around to it. As for the name, a Midnight Blue finish reminds me of Orca of the Azure Sea)

Fender Classic '69 Thinline Telecaster - 3 tone Sunburst - [nameless]
(i have this one now too, in arctick white. ok, so i got it for my dad for christmas so that he doesnt touch my SG or Casino but i still get to use it whenever i feel. Absolutely fantastic sound though. Crisp, clean and chime-like. I just wish it didnt hum like a bitch with distortion.)

Fender Telecaster Plus - Vintage Sunburst - "Julia"
(If Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead plays one, then so do i. nuff said. i really would like one in a three tone sunburst tho. looks much hotter. also i just happen to really, really like the phonetics of the name Julia.)

Fender Deluxe Player's Stratocaster - Translucent Red - "Layla"
(an incredibly versatile guitar that i plan on hot rodding to make it even more baddassed. I'll put a DiMarizzio Cruiser in the neck, a Chopper in the middle and a Fast Track 2 in the bridge, to get an awesomely fat aggressive single coil tone. not sure if i want it in a3 tone sunburst again, it just looks hot and i associate it more with blues rock, which is what i'd mostly play on it. i prommised myself that if i ever got a strat (which i am the least motivated to get, simply because EVERYONE has one) i'd name it after the Clapton song.

Gibson SG Goddess - Skyburst - "Balmung"
(what can i say, i love the SG. the way it sounds, the way it plays, the way it feels in my hands is just perfection incarnate. just like with Diabla Roja imma put a Tune-O-Matic Bridge and a Bigsby in it, but ill put a DiMarizzio Joe and Mo' Joe in it instead so i can use more hi-gain distortion without a loss of definition compared to a Pro and a FRED. besides, Joe Satriani is my idol. this will probably be my main soloing axe, and as such needs to have a badassed name of legend, and what better than that of the sword of Seigfried, hero of the Ring of the Nibelungen. also the skyburst reminds me of Balmung of the Asure sky, who also took his name from the Ring )

Gibson SG Classic - Heritage Cherry - "Goldschlager"
(Again, i LOVE the SG and i LOVE the sound of P-90s, Vintage to the max. Very Pearl Jam-esque. Eddie Vedder would love it. This is the only guitar id slap a sticker on simply beacuse the finish and the sound remind me of the best alcoholic beverage ever: Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps. like drinking liquid Red Hots in a vodka shot. fantastic)
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my favorite guitar is rickenbacker, telecaster, casino epiphone and ofcourse sg :D!!.