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:iconandroidoodler:AndroiDoodler posted a status
//when your shopping at ht and see a bunch of little girls running around laughing and taking a shirt of the shelf with your favorite band on it and theyre just giggling and saying "omg thats so weird" "it makes no sense!11!!1!!!1!!" and you can just feel the cancer-
//true story btw i hated it, i mean its hot topic, where you are supposed to be a calm piece of tumblr trash not a mini walmart bARBIE

Devious Comments

Mainichi-p Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Student Artist
Dude the same thing happened with me except when i was in hot topic i was wearing a shirt with the band gorillaz on it, and this group of small girls were like "ew, that's gross." i cried.
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