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:iconandroidoodler:AndroiDoodler posted a status
so i'm quitting animal jam. animal jam is a kids game, however, there are people like me who still play it. i've been playing it since 2012. i actually screamed when i got my first rare, that's how much it means to me. i actually cried when my membership expired or when i got suspended, that's how much i care about it. i cried when i got scammed and actually tried committing suicide over it, animal jam was my fucking childhood. the updates nowadays are adequate at most, but today aj hq crossed the line between "cool and radical" to "actually fucking disgusting." if you don't know, they added a new animal not too long ago. it's a new horse breed called "clydesdale horse" and these little cunts fucking dab. you heard me right, they dab in game. this is actually fucking cancerous and these tumors need to be deleted. i'm deleting animal jam so i'm giving away my rares at my den. my user is swagfrag. i'm crying while writing this, i don't want to do this but i don't want to play a game that i've been playing for the longest time to have dabbing in it. it's just not something i want to do. if yo enjoy these little fuckers dabbing, i have no hope for you as a person. actually die. thank you. 

i actually want to start a poll to get these little bastards deleted from the game ?? that's how committed i am. fuck animal jam. bye you wacky dudes. i'm probably gonna stay off the internet for the rest of the month. 


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