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Phoenix Wright: At the Cafe



"First day at my new job and a new beginning! With this I can forget about Tiffany going away to Paris like everyone else...*sniff*... And hey! My first customers are Nick and Maya! Oh cool, Edgey too! ... And his cute German sister <3! ... And the resident coffee-holic?"

Dang this one took forever to complete, but I am quite proud of it (in spite of certain shading issues and certain people's body parts mysteriously vanishing under chairs and tables...). And don't get me started on the furniture! I know Cravat-Man would never approve, but he's too busy right now (inside joke. :| If you get it, that's great.)! I got lazy near the end and didn't want to bother adding the wood texture to them like I did to the floor. All in all though, this is one of my better backgrounds...

Anyway, I'll leave it up to everyone's imagination what the characters are saying.

And to Franzie: Please wear simpler clothing in the future. Shading everything on it is getting to be a real pain in the--O_O NO! NOT THE WHIP! NOT THE WHIP!!!

Nick, Franzie, Edgey, Godot, Larry, and Maya (c) Capcom
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Cup:Hey look! Coffee shop