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PW: Sexism against Yuusaku

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XD Every die hard Phoenix Wright fan knows that Yuusaku is a very pretty man. A very feminine looking man!

:iconakihisuiqon: thought up the first two frames and I thought up the last two. Remember kids, it's bad to make assumptions!

Yuusaku and Mareka Amasugi and Miles Edgeworth (c) Capcom
Gregory Edgeworth the II and Panya Amasugi (well, their very vague references...) (c) Me
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Telling that to the chief Prosecutor is basically asking to be sued XD
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Haha that make my day! His scream with silly hair looks likes scream as girl. >.<
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"Ah. Hello. You must be gay."

XDDDDD That made my day xD
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RaileeLunaClawHobbyist General Artist
Awesome... just awesome... He does indeed look like a woman... A very cute woman...

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Mareka: =A=
Yuusaku: ........*death*

Best. Scribblecomicthinger ever.
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The last panel nearly made me choke laughing. Hilarious!
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"excuse me?"

He'll beat the crap outta you :3
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Edgey-poo would not! He's far to refined for that! :3
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Yeah, I guess your wright*

*ahahaha.. wright.
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Classic <3


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*waves at you from Court Records* 8D

Poor Yuusaku. But there's gotta be one androgynous character in every series, and Yuusaku's it. (Hondobou doesn't count) >.>
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I'd say he needs more love, but he's married and they seem quite devoted to each other so he seems perfectly fine.
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Good point. x3
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Yuusaku Amasugi/Ron DeLite - World's Gayest Looking Straight Man XDD

Seriously, both he and Maximillion Galactica just defy all logic XDD

Especially for Ron, cos Mareka's like, the hottest female in the game aside from Mia (and April's an airhead, so she doesn't count =p)
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Aww. The poor man can't help looking female. (But I do agree with you about Max.)
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X3 After watching Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series (by the fantasticly talented LittleKuriboh), I keep seeing Max as some kind of parody of Maximillion Pegasus XD
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Yeah, me too. I wonder what'd happen if those two met... *giggles deviously at the thought*
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D: POOR RON. And he's one of my favorites, too. He needs hugs.
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when i first saw yuusaku, i thought he was a girl too! but once i found out the truth, i was like... WTF?!
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Whoa! This guy's from phoenix wright?! I thought that was princess leia! No wonder this comic made no sense!
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Yeah, everyone says that about Yuusaku actually...
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