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From the Ashes bring forth
I was happy once, lived more free then I ever had known before.
I never knew this feeling, it was like something out of folklore.
Magical almost in its brilliance, the feeling of being loved
But then discarded like trash and told was no good, nothing is worse then being unloved.
Nothing seems to matter anymore, not people nor things I enjoy
I don't even like myself anymore, why can't I find any joy?
But joy returns again, in the hope that I'll find love again.
A new love, a love without the mistakes of the past.
Perhaps a stronger kind of love, one that will outlast.
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Life is living in a forest. A forest at night.
It is a dark place where nothing seems quite right.
To make it through this dark place you'll need a flash light.
Some are lanterns, old but reliable but do not last forever.
Others are torches and burn ever so brightly but lasting forever? Never.
No, what you'll need is a flash light. They are hard to come by, do not be  mistaken
But when you find one, hold on tight or else be forsaken.
For in the dark forest there is much to be afraid and being alone in the dark is no life at all
So make sure you hold on tight to that flashlight, or else run into a wall.
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Uneskia chapter 2: Old friends
Chapter ii: Old "friends"
Evan walked down the path Joe had pointed out to him. This particular street soon took him out of Greater Bastion City into the historical district, and the surrounding area looked like the peaceful village that he remembered growing up in. Continuing down the street, he passed by the local police station; he had been there a few times before when he was younger, not for anything serious. He could see two police officers outside on the steps and, distinctly, remembered one of them as Sheriff Shirley.
He was conversing with a younger officer most likely a new recruit. Sheriff Shirley was a good man who followed the book like a cop follows a donut. This character wasn't hard to forget; Shirley never changed. As two officers turned towards the door, Evan walked closer, intrigued as much as they were. Slowly the door swung open and out emerged a young man with blondish-brown hair and dark green eyes wearing a sleeveless purple vest covering his sleeveless black t-
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A silly love poem
Roses are red and violets are blue
I know its cliche but I love you
I love the way you talk and the way you walk
I could write I love you on the board until I run out of chalk
I might say it lot but I mean it every time, its not all for not.
I really do love you Why else would I write you this poem, its not just cause your hot
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Moonlit love
Under the pale moonlight It feels just right
And as your arms grow tight around me.
I feel your warmth with glee.
We dance together, close at hand and I find it hard to stand.
For your mind is sound, your beauty unbound
No more is that clearer then under the pale moonlight
I lean in for the final act, its a kiss as matter of fact.
Our lips grow closer to one another.
Everything fades, there are no others.
Just you and me, under the pale moonlight.
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Love's obstacles
The space between us is ever so cold,
My desire for her warmth grows ever more bold
To bad I can't reach her heart and mind, she hides
it from me from time to time.
One last chance to seize my love once more.
I'll have to try harder now, more then
ever before
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Chapter I My grandfather's errand
Morning came early today, bright skies pushing the few clouds off the horizon as it touched the ocean. Calm waves glistened as the monorail zoomed by.
There weren't many people traveling on it today. After all it was Sunday, the lazy day. No one did much of anything on this particular day. Most shops were closed and services halted. The only reason the monorail was working was because it was automated.
There were a few passengers. One was an elderly man who wore a 19th century suit and top hat. He was reading the newspaper; "Bastion times" was the title. He seemed focused. The man sat at the far front of the car near the exit. Another traveler was a much younger woman, late teens, early twenties perhaps. She was chatting away on her cell. Something about school and her job; she seemed to talk nonstop. She sat lounged near the middle but could be heard throughout the entire car. And lastly, in the far back, the only one standing up was a young man, late
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Flirty Sonic by Eun-su Flirty Sonic :iconeun-su:Eun-su 1,404 202 Eevee Trainer by Banzchan Eevee Trainer :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 472 5 Atomsk by crushvisual Atomsk :iconcrushvisual:crushvisual 1,487 49
f#$k it! it's death vigil for EVERYONE!
So i've been sitting here thinking...
we live in the age of kickstarter and patreon....
people are supporting all sorts of projects...
i don't have the patience not the focus to handle all that... but it did get me thinking...
if teasers for projects can get people to fund it... what aout the full thing?
i don't do crowdfunding. i make comics.
i publish comics. if people love and buy my comics... i get to make more comics.
so with that in mind. i will post the entirety of death vigil here. 
from there on it's in the hands of the readers. if you want to support the book being made, i will post the comixology links, and image digital links, as well as trade preorder links.
so if you feel this is your kind of comic, and it's something you want to see made in it'y entirety..and can afford to support it by buying it...thank you.
if not, i still hope you like it. so with no further a do... this week i will be uploading issues.
starting to
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Hello. My name is Andrew and I represent a small team of developers currently working on a RPG called Chronicles of Uneskia, or CoU for short. 

We are specifically looking for someone who can comfortably design pixel icons, gear, and animated sprites for a side view perspective battle system. We are also exploring non-pixel style artwork for enemies if we gravitate toward the design.

To be perfectly honest our team is a humble one, and a budget to boot. That said monetary compensation will be provided.

If anyone has further questions or concerns please feel free to email me via my project's email at or check out our website below for more

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!
Hello! My name is andrew and i represent a small but passionate team of developers and we are on the lookout for a equally determined and passionate pixel artist to design some battler sprites for our project.

The details of this commission are as follows.

*You will be asked to design a minimum of 12 different enemies for our side view battle system.

*Each battler will have minor animations such as a “breathing” default animation with a few poses for attacking. However this is optional. The designs themselves are the priority.

*You will be paid after each design is complete. Compensation is negotiable.

*Design wise we are exploring different styles so just present what you can do!

*There is a deadline of August 2018.

If you have any other questions please comment below or PM me. Interested parties please email me at thank you.
Hello. My name is Andrew and I represent a small team of developers currently working on a RPG called Chronicles of Uneskia, or CoU for short. 

We are as of now developing an alpha demo of our project but for later versions we would like to incorporate more custom assets which include sprite work. That's where you come in.

We are specifically looking for someone who can comfortably design pixel icons, gear, and animated sprites for a side view perspective battle system. We are using the RPG Maker MV software and would like something far less "chibi" for our battlers.

To be perfectly clear our team is a humble one, and a budget to boot. I would much more like to discuss compensation in private via the following email However to avoid any misconceptions we cannot afford a price say in the 200+ dollars as of now.

That said we are open to various alternative payment methods such as requesting work in smaller amounts etc...

If anyone has further questions or concerns please feel free to email me at the above mentioned email or check out our WIP website below for more details.…

Thank you for your time!
Hello! Our small team is looking for artists to help out with custom sprites, character portraits (for visual novel style dialouge scenes) mapping, and full cover art images.

Comment below or PM me if your interested. We have a discord that you can join as well for more information.

Thank you for your time.
Hello, my team and I are looking for an artist for our RPGmaker VX ace project. We are using as little of the defualt assests as possible, instead bringing new and exicting custom assests such as new features and unique sprites and portriats. This is where you come in!

We are looking for someone to draw half body portriats for visual novel style dialogue scenes, custom sprites, and a full art cover image. The kind that one would see on the cover of a game box. If your interested or want to know more before committing please PM me. Thank you! And have a nice day!


United States
Current Residence: Salem MA
Last day of pax was yesterday, got a 3 day pass. It was amazing and quite educational. My roomate and I are getting things together for kickstarter but before we do that we personally would like to have some nice promos, something for people to look at. But alas we have no artist. I can draw, sure. But its not up to the standard we need. So I'll be up and around on Deviant looking for people who would be interested in submiting draft ideas or even just talking with me about how you could help. This is a kick starter project so there will be no actual payment at first, please realize this, thank you. Other then that got to play a lot of cool video games, board games, and card games. One really cool one was about zombie surrival and it was really in depth too.  My favorite game, the one I was most impressed by was Xcom enemy unknown.


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