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Minecraft Wallpaper 1

This is the requested wallpaper version of the Minecraft poster. The print version can be found here.

Minecraft logo is a trademark of Mojang Specifications.
Minecraft related characters may be registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Mojang Specifications. The artwork is a property of the author. Only personal use is allowed. 2010
© 2010 - 2022 Andrey-S
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I once used this as a desktop background!
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I hate to inform you, but I found someone who's re-upoaded this on DA without any credit. [link]
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this. minecraft packaging cover. MUCH
ninjawaffl3z's avatar
what software do you use?????
this is amazing
TheStukito's avatar
Can i use this wallpaper for a start of my Minecraft Survival Episodes on Youtube?
JG-Studios's avatar
What software did you use and where did the mob resources come from?
Aqua-Terhi's avatar
*puts on computer's wall*
JosDW's avatar
My new yt background!
InvaderPie56's avatar
where is the skeloton riding a spider!?!?!?!?!I love that mob!Its funny!>^<
royalgengar's avatar
Thats a spider jockey. ^^
InvaderPie56's avatar
oh well i LOVE that mob it freakin HILARIOUS!
can i use this for a debit card?
can i use this picture on my debit card? :O
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Sssssssssssssssssssssss BOOM
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cann i use this Picture in a Style?
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its awesome!!! but id like it better if it had the setting sun in the background and just normal water. A tree would be cool as well!
mitchie151's avatar
so sorry for double post. i just signed up and didn't realise it posted!
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i like it! but could you do an edition with a setting minecraft sun and normal water, i like the cool colours more than the red! anyway... Nice work!
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:iconiheartitplz: That's so cool!
NatzNyuratik's avatar
nice! i love it!~
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